How Much Does a Sea Pines Country Club Membership Cost?

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The Sea Pines Country Club, a private, member-owned club, located on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, considers itself the most distinguished and iconic resort in the community.  This is the only members-only golf course on Hilton Island.

How much does a Sea Pines Country Club membership cost?

The costs of joining the Sea Pines Country Club, as with any country club, will greatly depend on the type of membership you sign up for.  According to a job posting we had found online via, the annual dues for a Heritage membership is $10,438 ($869/month), while the one-time initiation fee is $25,000.  Food and beverage fee minimums, while they may apply, can’t be confirmed at this time.  These fees are said to be estimates at this time as it comes from a third-party source, but for the most part, the job postings, often sourced from the club, can be very accurate, but as time goes on, the club can increase/decrease the costs and modify the initiation fees, so it’s always best to contact the club directly to know of the exact costs.

Sea Pines Country Club overview

Of all of the four golf courses located on the island, the country club’s course is the only members’ only course.   The course, which was originally designed by Arnold Palmer and Frank Duance, was recently rebuilt by Clyde Johnston.  The course features water on all but two holes, according to the club.  Country club members who own residential property within Sea Pines may choose from a variety of all four courses, but members outside of the club may enjoy family or individual plans on the private course only and will have to play the public courses at the daily rate.  To see their course hole-by-hole, the official club’s website offers an in-depth slideshow.

Aside from the golf amenities, the club also offers a fitness center, outdoor pool with a deck overlooking the marsh, and event rooms for special events, including the Sunset Ball Room, Pool Terrace Room, Governor’s Room, Private Dining Room and the Grille Room.

What are the extra costs?

Professional clinics, lessons, leagues, and tournaments can all incur additional fees.

Social events, which are commonly held, can have additional fees to participate as well.

Annual trail/cart fees, according to this PDF is said to be $25 a year.

Tips to know:

Sea Pines was the recipient of Real Estate Scorecard’s 2015 Bliss Award for Best South Carolina Community of the Year.

With the membership numbers falling over the years, the club, in recent years, has expanded its membership options to non-property owners, according to Bluffton Today.  The club, according to the article, will cap non-resident members at 200, and as of 2013, the club had close to 1,050 total members.

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