How Much Does the Seattle Athletic Club Cost?

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The Seattle Athletic Club, located one block north of the historic Pike Place Market, opened in 1982 and quickly became one of Seattle’s premier health destinations, according to the club’s official website.

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How much does a Seattle Athletic Club membership cost?

The costs of joining the Seattle Atheltic Club, as with other gyms, will greatly depend on the type of membership you’re looking to sign up for.   From our research, an individual membership average is close to $125+ a month, whereas a couples membership can be closer to $175.  These are all estimates we received from members and can greatly vary depending on the discounts available via an employer, for example, and the current promotion currently going on.  The one-time initiation joining fee, just like the membership, can vary from as little as a few dollars during a special promotion to as much as $200 to $450+ from what we saw as well.  To make things easier, we broke up the estimates we found in the table below:

Membership ClassInitiation FeeMonthly Dues
Young Professional Individual$200~$85~

NOTE:  Use these numbers as an estimate ONLY as prices will change and we can’t confirm.  The club will be more than happy to offer you an exact estimate as everyone’s situation can vary with discounts and promotions.  These are the estimates for both the downtown and Northgate location.

The membership options

Club Northwest



Young Professional




Seattle Athletic Club overview

The 62,000 square foot facility offers state-of-the-art fitness equipment, group exercise classes (ABSolution, BODYPUMP, Cardio Blast, INSANITY, Interval Elite, Interval Training, Kickbox Conditioning, Power Sculpt, Sports Conditioning, Step, Ultimate Workout and Zumba®),  a Pilates studio, Yoga studio, personal fitness training programs, massage/spa services, lap swimming pool, an indoor running track, cycling classes, a kids club, cafe, eight international-sized squash courts, a basketball court, badminton, two racquetball courts, volleyball, pickleball, table tennis, martial arts, youth activities and triathlon/multi-sport opportunities.

As a member of the club, you will also be able to enjoy reciprocal privileges through the International Health Racquet Sports Association and the Puget Sound Society.

Members are able to invite guests to the club up to two visits per month.

What are the extra costs?

Certified fitness trainers are on hand for an additional fee.  These costs, as with any gym, will depend on how many sessions you purchase up front.  According to the official site, a 60-minute one-on-one session could cost $60, whereas three-on-one sessions could cost $30 per 60 minutes.

Guest fees, depending on the circumstances, may apply.

Private and semi-private swim lessons are available for an additional fee.

Private lockers, available at both locations, are available for an additional fee and will vary depending on the size.

Parking can cost $2 to $5 depending on the time of day.

How can I save money?

The club, in the past, did advertise on so it doesn’t hurt to check here before signing up at the club.

A 3-day complimentary pass is available for first time members, and to request a tour of the club, you can do so by following this link at the official website.

Most of Seattle’s local employers do offer discounts at the club, so be sure to talk with your employer or ask the club ahead of time to see if you qualify for discounts.

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