How Much Does a Secession Golf Club Membership Cost?

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The Secession Golf Club, located in Beaufort, South Carolina, is considered to be an old-fashioned golf club.

With no real estate surrounding the course, this invitation-only club is one of the few clubs in the United States with a “walking only” policy.

How much does a Secession Golf Club membership cost?

On average, the Secession Golf Club Membership has a one-time $20,000+ initiation fee to join, and the monthly fees are said to be around $450+.  The costs of joining, as with any country club, will depend on the type of membership you sign up for.  These fees are only said to be an estimate and can change at any time.  Be sure to refer to the country club’s official membership department for official pricing.

The Golf Digest, on its Best Damn Clubs list, stated the initiation fee is $20,000, and the majority of its members hail from north of the Mason-Dixon.  There are no carts, no valet parking options, no menus longer than a page and no tee prizes.  The director of the club, at the time of the publishing, stated the club had 825 members.

Secession Golf Club membership overview

The club offers an all-walking, links-style golf course, which was designed by Australian and former PGA TOUR player, Bruce Devlin.  There are no carts or even cart paths on site, creating a unique experience for those have not played the course before.  To see the course by the hole, the official club offers a hole-by-hole picture slideshow.  This is a pure golf course, and unlike other country clubs, you won’t find tennis courts, swimming pools or any related developments.

Dining options, such as breakfast and lunch, are served in the clubhouse with the exception of during tournaments and special events.  Evening meals, while available, are only limited to private dinners for four more people who booked in advance.

What are the extra costs?

A gated enclave, located across the Islands Causeway from the club, are cottages available to rent for members and their guests.  The property ownership, according to the club, is restricted to the club members only.  The cottage rentals greatly depend on the configuration, size and the amenities.

Tips to know:

One of the few “national” golf clubs, the country club is said to have 750 members, according to Golfweek, but only 50 are said to be local.

A replica Civil War cannon sits in front of the clubhouse and is fired often.

Its name comes from the Articles of Secession that were drafted in nearby Beaufort in 1861, resulting in South Carolina’s withdrawal from the Union.

Once a year, the club does open its doors to local police, fire and emergency service professionals.

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