How Much Does Sedating a Dog Cost?

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Sedating a dog involves using anesthesia to help a dog become calm during a veterinarian procedure such as a surgery, grooming or even something minor like a toenail trimming.  The cost will depend on the type of sedation, the vet performing the procedure and the geographical location.

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How much does sedating a dog cost?

Different sedatives are used to sedate a dog, and the type of sedative that will be used depends on the purpose. Typically, the cost to sedate a dog ranges anywhere from $10 to $350.  Over the counter sedatives, for instance, are going to be cheaper than going to the veterinarian, but it is always wise to consult with a vet before giving your dog any type of medicine.

It should be noted that extra care should be taken when dogs are given sedatives since overdosage can lead to seizures or even death.  The price for over the counter dog sedatives can range from $10 to $75, depending on the brand and the number of capsules inside. For example, the popular product Composure for medium and large dogs retails for $10 to $25.  This is a bag filled with 60 soft chews that can help with anxiety, hyperactivity and nervousness.

Aside from chemically produced sedatives, there are also natural alternatives to help sedate a dog.  For example, the company Doggie Herbs sells different types of natural dog sedatives that can help your dog calm down during car rides, for bad behavior or help the dog feel relieved during stressful times.  These natural products retail for about $10 to $15 per bottle.

At a groomer, the cost to sedate your dog can range anywhere from $45 to $100, depending on the size of your dog.  The PSPCA, for instance, lists its prices on its website and says a dog weighing less than 10 pounds will cost about $45 to sedate, whereas a larger dog, weighing more than 100 pounds, can cost $90 to sedate.

If you were to need anesthesia at the local vet’s office, then the costs are charged by the half hour, usually around $45 to $70 per 30 minutes.  Also, during the anesthesia, a professional will need to monitor your dog, and this can be another $15 to $30 per 30 minutes, bringing the total for the anesthesia alone to $60 to $100 per half hour.

Whole Pet Veterinary Care, located in Salem, Oregon, listed its anesthesia fees on its website:  They charge $90 for the first 30 minutes and another $65 for maintenance.  Sedation, on the other hand, will cost $75 for a larger dog and $65 for a small dog.

What are the extra costs?

Sedatives are almost always part of a procedure, whether it’s a surgical procedure or grooming session, this will be a fee as part of your itemized bill.  Be sure to budget for the procedure your dog is coming in for the first place unless you’re using the sedative to help calm your dog’s nerves.

Tips to know:

Try not to administer sedatives to your dogs without the aid of a professional veterinarian.  This way, you can avoid harming your dog’s health as a vet would be able to recommend the right sedative and the right dosage for the purpose.

Getting enough information before you sedate your dog is a good way to make sure that nothing bad happens when your dog is sedated.  One purpose of sedation is when you have your pets groomed.  Before you have your pets groomed, talk with the groomer if it is a good idea to have your dog sedated and if it is necessary.

If your dog has a harder time swallowing the tablet, or the dog does not like chewing it, it may be ideal to wrap the table in a piece of lunch meat or cheese.

Most sedatives are given according to the weight of the dog.  Make sure you have an accurate weight before deciding how much to give your dog.

Giving Xanax to your dog is often something pet owners search for to see if it’s safe to help calm their dog’s anxiety.  While this is questionable, it’s best to avoid it and consider a canine-friendly alternative such as Alprazolam or Trazodone.

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How can I save money?

Once a veterinarian prescribes a sedative for your dog, search for that same sedative at different stores and look for the store or website that offers them at the lowest price.

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