How Much Does an SGS Inspection Cost?

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The SGS, which means Société Générale de Surveillance in French, inspection involves inspecting and verifying the quantity, weight and quality of traded goods.  SGS is a company that has over 67,000 employees that are located in 1,250 offices around the world.

The services the company offers are often categorized into three sections:  The first is testing product quality and performance against different health, safety and regulatory standards.  Second, the certification services are performed to ensure the product and the services meet the standards of the government.  Lastly, verification services are provided to ensure that the products or services comply with global standards.

Some foreign buyers will require their suppliers to receive this inspection with a certificate of approval.  This type of inspection will help buyers make sure the quality of the products they purchase meet the SGS standards.

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How much does an SGS inspection cost?

SGS pricing for their services is available through their website, although the company is very strict in giving out quotes since there are a number of factors that they need to consider before giving a quote such as the geographical location, the size of the company and complexity of the business.  Thus, these quotes can still be changed based on the information that the SGS finds out about the company.  A discussion on Scribd implies that the price can be anywhere from $1,000 to $3,500 for a small sized company.

SGS inspection overview

The charges will be either paid by the exporter or the importer as agreed when the contract is signed.

SGS will provide a full routine inspection onf the overall aspect of the company, and this guarantees the safety of the workers as well as the consumers who will use the company’s products or services. SGS will also provide a full report regarding their findings and will identify business opportunities for how the company can improve.

The findings that SGS reports will greatly reduce company’s risk in having different factors that are considered as opportunities within the company.

The company works with the following sectors:  agriculture and food, chemical, construction, consumer goods, energy, manufacturing, life science, logistics, mining, oil, transportation, environment, health and risk management.

What are the extra costs?

There will be an additional cost for the number of inspections that will be done for the company.  It should be noted that SGS provides inspections per request and each visit can be considered as an additional cost.

SGS offers additional services companies can take advantage; however, these services are also considered added costs since each service is priced differently from another due to the processes performed.

Tips to know:

SGS recognizes its clients by offering incentives to them the more they take advantage of the services that are offered.  SGS provides lower rates to loyal clients that frequent their services.

Being inspected by a well-known auditor can improve the reputation of a company.  Since the standards SGS has is well beyond average, a good report from them can prove beneficial to any company.

How can I save money?

As a company, try to get as many services from SGS as you can afford.  As mentioned earlier, SGS provides special rates for companies that use their services frequently.

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