How Much Does the Sharon Heights Country Club Cost?

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The Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club, a private country club and golf course located in Menlo Park, California, minutes away from Stanford University, started in 1961 by a collective group of golf enthusiasts.

The founders of the club, at the time, intended to build a high-quality course suited for professionals and decided to hire respected golf course architect, Jack Fleming to design the course.

How much does a Sharon Heights Country Club membership cost?

From what we researched, the initiation fee to join the Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club is about $300,000, and the annual membership fees based on their public numbers and the numbers of members at the club is estimated at $13,900 a year ($1,150/month).  Potential new members, as per the club, must get information from current club members for up-to-date numbers.  These are estimates only and cannot be deemed accurate.  For more information, we highly advise you talk with a member of the club or the club directly for exact membership fees.

Sharon Heights Country Club overview

Membership amenities include the 18-hole golf course, a driving range, practice area (putting green, chipping green and a practice bunker), 52,000 square foot clubhouse, golf pro shop, bocce ball court, restaurant, bar, tennis courts, beverage cart, snack bar and outdoor swimming pool.

The 18-hole course, as per, measures 6837 yards and has a 138 slope rating and 73.4-course rating.

What are the extra costs?

The club offers golf and tennis programs, private/group lessons, outings and tournaments, all of which can incur additional costs.

Tips to know

Proper golf attire while on the course, according to the club, consists of slacks, Bermuda shorts, capris or skorts. For men, collared golf shirts are required and must be tucked in unless they are square-cut button downs. Hats must be presentable and must not be frayed or worn backward. Denim is not allowed nor is baggy or loose clothing. Proper golf footwear is mandatory both on the greens and the driving range.  To learn more about club attire, refer to the club’s official club attire page.  Also, the use of cell phones on the golf course, clubhouse or pool area must be inaudible. In the clubhouse, talking on cell phones is prohibited. These rules are strictly enforced by club staff members.

The club has close to 680 members as per the Mercury News.

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