How Much Does a Sherwood Country Club Membership Cost?

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Founded in 1989, the Sherwood Country Club, located in Ventura County, California, is home to a championship 18-hole Jack Nicklaus signature golf course, which is considered to be one the best in the area.

Sitting on an expansive oak tree-dotted site located against the Santa Barbara Mountains, this is a golf course where the Hollywood elite come to play.

The club is located about 35 miles west of Los Angeles inside a 1,900-acre gated community.

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How much does a Sherwood Country Club membership cost?

The initiation fee for a Sherwood Country Club membership is believed to be around $300,000 and the monthly fees are in the mid-1,000s.  However, if the member owns property within Sherwood, the initiation fee drops to $200,000.  In order to join the club, however, a member must join via invitation or a referral from a current member. claims that the annual dues are $7,300, and the initiation fee is $200,000 if the individual owns property within the course. notes that members have to pay between $200,000 and $300,000 in initiation fees plus $10,000 in yearly dues.

Sherwood Country Club overview

The club has a professionally-equipped gymnasium available for all its members offering various activities that range from fitness classes to personal training.  The class sizes are kept small to make sure that the members are given maximum fitness benefits.  The club features a 50,000 square foot clubhouse and 14,000 square foot clubhouse for family members.

The Tennis Clubhouse of the Sherwood Country Club offers men and women’s locker rooms for the members and their guests.

The club offers a formal and informal dining and wining facilities available at the club.  According to the club, “Golf members and their guests may enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Golfer’s Grille Room, the Vista Grille, the Green Room and the Terrace overlooking the golf course.  The Golf Club is open for dining Tuesday through Sunday.  All members and their guests may enjoy lunch and dinner in the Dining Room, Social Lounge and Terrace of the Tennis Clubhouse overlooking the courts and the waterfall.  The Tennis Club is open for dining Wednesday through Sunday.  On Sundays, breakfast is served in the Dining Room.  Robin’s Pub is open at the dinner hour, Wednesday through Sunday, for cocktails, snacks or meal service.”

The Sherwood Spa offers body scrubs, hair removals, massages, microdermabrasion, manicures, pedicures and peels.

There’s a Kid Zone at the club located near the Junior Olympic size swimming pool which offers kid-friendly activities such as video games for the kids.

Throughout the year, the club will hold social and sporting events for the members and their families.

What are the extra costs?

Classes, summer camps, spa services, and dining will be an additional cost.

If you want to hire a personal trainer or tennis coach, there will be an additional fee per session to budget for.

The Sherwood Country Club is available to rent for special events such as weddings.

Tips to know

If you want to be a member of the Sherwood Country Club, you do not have to be a resident of Sherwood.  You will simply have to pay more than someone who is a resident of Sherwood.

In case you want to take a tour around the club and its facilities first before deciding to pay the membership cost, schedule an appointment to make sure it’s something you may be interested in.  When visiting for a quick tour around the club, you have to present your driver’s license at the gate to be authorized entry, however.

The dress code is a collared shirt, no denim — a dress code for members and guests alike.  Be sure to refer to the official website for more information.

The golf club is only available for members and their guests.  If you are a non-member, you need to be accompanied by one to be on the club grounds.

To date, the club has about 370 golf members and 175 tennis members.

How can I save money?

Considering the membership cost is over a hundred thousand dollars, you may want to check out other clubs in the area.  This club is noted as one of the most expensive places to play in the United States.

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