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Simvastatin, the generic version of Zocor, is used to lower cholesterol and the triglycerides levels in the blood.  The medicine is also known to help reduce the risks of a heart attack and for those who are at a higher risk of heart disease.

The cost of Simvastatin

The cost of Simvastatin, being a generic prescription, is pretty cheap like most other generics, only averaging about $0.30 per tablet.  Compared to Zocor, the branded version, is almost 5,000% more at close to $8.50 per tablet.

DosageAverage Price (without insurance)
10 MG- 30 tablets: $11
- 50 tablets: $12
- 100 tablets: $15
20 MG- 30 tablets: $11
- 50 tablets: $12
- 100 tablets: $15
80 MG- 30 tablets: $11
- 50 tablets: $12
- 100 tablets: $15

As with most generic prescriptions, almost all private health insurance policies, as well as Medicare, does cover this prescription, with the average reported co-pay being anywhere from $0 to as much as $10.  The costs, depending on your health insurance policy, will also depend on the pharmacy and the number of tablets prescribed.

How to save on Simvastatin

Use your insurance:  Being a generic, it’s actually quite cheap, even without any health insurance, but before you head to the pharmacy, be sure to call ahead of time to see what your insurance will cover.

Consider prescription saving cards:, for example, offers free prescription savings cards on its website, allowing you to save more than 50%.  While the price savings vary from prescription to prescription, at the time of this publishing, they had cards available for as little as $4 per fill.  To use the card, all you have to do is enter some basic information, select the pharmacy you want to use, print the card and take it into the pharmacy when you’re ready to fill your prescription.

Longer supply:  As with most prescriptions, the longer your fill is good for, the less you will pay per tablet, and if you know you will need this prescription for longer than 30 days, then it may be wise to as your doctor for a longer prescription to help you save money.

Split:  If at all possible, ask your doctor if he or she can prescribe a larger dosage and allow you to split the pill by using a pill spliter.  In doing so, this can help you save up to 50 percent as most dosages, which you can see from the table above, allows you to save, even though the dosages are stronger.  In the end, you get double the amount, the same dosage and 50 percent more in your pocket.

Simvastatin side effects

Some of the side effects you may notice with this prescription may or may not include allergic reactions, confusion, dark-colored urine, a fever, joint pain, memory loss, cramps, blistering/red skin, trouble passing urine, feeling tired and/ore the yellowing of the eyes.  This isn’t a full list of the side effects, with more being viewed here.  As always, call your doctor in regards to medical advice for any unusual side effects you may feel.

Drug overview

When prescribed alongside a proper diet, Simvastatin, belonging to a group of medicines called HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor or statins, works by treating high cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.  As stated, it can also help prevent a variety of medical problems which are caused by clogged blood vessels, including heart attacks and strokes, to name a few.

Always take this medicine as prescribed by your doctor.  Never take more, take less or adjust your schedule unless your doctor tells you to do so.  This medicine is often used in the evening, on an empty stomach.  The dosages will be different, depending on your circumstances, but most adults, at first, will take about 10 to 20 milligrams per day, but for higher risk patients, the dosage may start at 40 milligrams and will be no more than this.

Store inside of a closed container, away from the direct sunlight, children and pets.

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