How Much Does Slap Tear Surgery Cost?

A SLAP, the abbreviation for superior labrum anterior to posterior, tear is an injury to the labrum of the shoulder, which is the cartilage that surrounds the socket of the shoulder joint.  Injuries to this area can be caused by a car accident, a fall, a forceful pull or dislocation.   This injury, according to WebMD, was first spotted in the early 1980s in athletes, like baseball players who required them to do a lot of overhead throwing.

This repair will be needed when there’s a tear in the shoulder, to help allow the shoulder to become more stable and secure the arm bone in its socket.

Shoulder incisions by scjody, on Flickr
Shoulder incisions” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by scjody

How much does shoulder slap tear surgery cost?

What is going to be included?

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Average Reported Cost: $55900

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  1. palos surgicenter (palos heights,  Illinois) paid $55900 and said:

    ridiculous cost.
    this place is way over

    Was it worth it? No

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