How Much Does a South Hills Country Club Membership Cost?

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The South Hills Country Club, located in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, was created by a group of businessmen and some South Hills residents who wanted to develop a country club for their location.

On April 23 of 1920, the club was named the “South Hills Club” and started with 230 members.

How much does a South Hills Country Club membership cost?

The club’s website announced that new members need sponsorship by existing club members, and all applications must be approved by the Board of Governors. To streamline the application process, South Hills has created a fast track application and an Ambassador’s Committee to present new applicants to potential sponsors.  The initiation fee greatly depends upon the membership the member signs up for, but from what we researched, be prepared to spend in the mid-tens of thousands for initiation fees and in the mid-$500s for a high-tier membership.

The membership options

Transferable – A Transferable membership allows its members to use all of its facilities, have equity in the club, serve on committees, vote on club business and offers unlimited golfing privileges and free greens fees.

Non-equity – A Non-Equity golf membership allows access to use all of the facilities at the club, but these members will have no voting rights, cannot hold office in the club and is required to pay all the requisite fees for Transferable members.

Social – A Social Membership is designed for members who want full access to club amenities.  These members may serve on a few committees, but it will have limited golf privileges.

Young Professional – A Young Professional Social membership is designed for members who are 21 to 30 years old as of January 1 of any year.  This membership option offers access to the facilities but will have no golfing privileges included.

Special Golf – A Special golf membership is designed for members who are 25 39 years old.  This option has the same golfing privileges as a Transferable Member but will have no voting rights and a member cannot hold office.

Non-resident – A Non-Resident membership is designed for members who live within 250 miles of the club.  This membership offers access to all the facilities of the club that are approved by the Board of Governors. There are no tee time restrictions or any limits to play golf, but members must pay the current green fees as a Social golf member.

House – House memberships offer dining privileges only.

South Hills Country Club overview

All of the membership categories mentioned prior can use the club dining options, the pool area and the fitness center for the primary member and their immediate family members.

Golf amenities include its 18-hole golf course, with a full hole-by-hole description on the official website, a Pro Shop, practice facilities, which include a chipping area and putting green, a driving range and available lessons from its PGA staff.

A la carte dining options are offered at the Tavern, Sam Parks Grille, and outdoors on the Porch and Patio when in season, all of which is located inside the clubhouse.  Club menu options include a variety of options such as steak, fresh seafood and Italian recipes.

The club also offers a pool area and exercise room.

What are the extra costs?

Club storage is available for members for an additional fee.

Private lessons, clinics, tournaments, while an optional cost, should be budgeted for if you plan on participating.

Some members will not have golfing privileges and will need to pay the appropriate green fees.

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