How Much Does a Southern Hills Country Club Membership Cost?

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The Southern Hills Country Club, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was formed in 1936 as a private country club.

The land that housed the country club was donated by oilman, Waite Phillips. He donated the land when two men gave him the idea of a country club with amenities that families would enjoy. Mr. Philips was not agreeable to financing a country club, but he donated the land anyway with the condition that there should be a required number of people who would be interested in financing and forming the club. In two weeks, the funds were raised and the Southern Hills Country Club began construction.

How much does a Southern Hills Country Club membership cost?

From our research via public tax returns, in 2016, the club had 948 members, and by doing the math, the membership dues for the year for the average member was $11,708 ($975/month) when the total of $11.1 million in membership dues was factored in.  These numbers, of course, are deemed to be estimates and cannot be guaranteed to be close to the accurate amount.  Refer to the official club for more information in terms of pricing.  As for the initiation fees to join the club, rumors are said to be close to six figures.

Southern Hills Country Club overview

The club offers two golf course:  an 18-hole course, which was designed by Perry Maxwell and a nine-hole course that was created in 1992.  According to the club, the 18-hole course has held 15 major championships since 1946, including four PGA Championships and three U.S. Opens.  You can take an official course tour via the official website in pictures by clicking here.

On campus, aside from the golfing amenities, the club also offers an activity pool, lap pool, eight outdoor tennis courts, four indoor tennis courts and a fitness center.

What are the extra costs?

A food and beverage minimum, which will apply every month/quarter, will apply, but at this time, the fees are unknown.

Lessons, camps, clinics, tournaments and outings, all available at the club, can be an additional fee to budget for.

Green fees will apply to guest and members who don’t have privileges.  Guest can play at the golf course when accompanied by playing member.

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