How Much Does a Spinal Cord Stimulator Cost?

Spinal cord stimulation is something that many people have never heard of since it is a fairly new procedure.  Chronic pain is considered to be an ailment that could potentially disable you if you are not able to care for it properly.  For many people, the best thing that can be done with the pain from which they suffer is to take medication.  However, one of the few techniques that has lately increased in popularity on the market is the spinal cord stimulation.  This is the process by which electric currents are used to target the areas and nerves that are the probable cause of the pain.  This may allow patient to feel less pain or to possibly eliminate the pain altogether.  Technically, the pain will still be there but the patient’s body will not focus on it and therefore it will not be felt.  On the other hand, the potential cost of the procedure is often a deterring factor that makes people avoid this procedure.

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