St. Patrick’s Cathedral Wedding Cost

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The St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a Catholic church located in New York, New York, right across the street from the Rockefeller Center, was built in 1858, opening years later in 1879.

Today, as the prominent landmark of New York City, eligible couples do have the opportunity to get married here.

St. Patrick's Cathedral Wedding Cost
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Wedding at St. Patrick’s Cathedral cost

The cost to get married at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, if accepted, is said to be $2,000 — a “donation” which will include a time slot for your wedding as well as the wedding singer and organist.  Of course, being a donation, you can offer much more if you wish.

Tips to know

According to the official website of the church, the initial interview to have a wedding held at the church should be done at least one year prior to your wedding date.  To begin the process, you can do so by contacting the priest on duty by following this link, but one source said you do not have to belong to the parish to get married, but you need to live in a certain area to be considered.  AMNY states you need to be a parishioner living in the Archdiocese of New York and the same can be said about baptisms.

Tourists can and will be at the church during the day of your wedding, but according to one member on this thread, they remained quiet and even clapped at the end of her ceremony.

Multiple reports online, even though not confirmed with the church, claims you have to hire the organist and singer; there are no exceptions.

Those who did get married here said you cannot get photos in front of the cathedral on the day of the wedding and no receiving line is allowed as the entrance cannot be blocked.

The priest who handles your wedding will give you a little booklet telling you exactly what you can and cannot do on the day of your wedding.  Some items not allowed, as per this source, said no throwing flowers, no runners, no outside microphones because it can interfere with the church, but flowers are allowed with some exceptions such as having to leave the flowers there after leaving.  Be sure to read this booklet in detail to know the do’s and don’ts. notes the cathedral keeps detail records of everyone who says “I do” within its walls.

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