How Much Does a Stage Rental Cost?

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If you are planning to run an event, concert or party, you might be considering setting up a stage for your guests.

With that many guests, it may be hard for those in the back to see what is going on.  With a stage, the entertainment will be at least five feet high, allowing everyone will be able to see easily.

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How much does it cost to rent a stage?

The cost of renting a mobile/portable stage will depend on the geographical location, the size of the stage, if any additional equipment is needed, the rental company and the time the stage is needed.  On average, plan on spending anywhere from $600 to as much as $4,000 per day for a complete stage setup. This is the price for the stage only and won’t include any additional accessories such as the sound system or skirting.  Refer to our additional costs below to see other costs you may need to budget for.

We received a few quotes from stage rental companies in the United States and included them in the table below:

Stage SizeAverage Price Quoted (depends on height)
8' wide x 8' deep$375
12' wide x 12' deep$650
16' wide x 8' deep$475
20' wide x 8' deep$550
20' wide x 12' deep$900
20' wide x 20' deep$800
24' wide x 8' deep$550
24' wide x 12' deep$750
24' wide x 16' deep$800
24' wide x 20' deep$1,300
24' wide x 24' deep$900
32' wide x 16' deep$800
32' wide x 20' deep$1,450

NOTE:  These prices can be higher if you were to include skirting, carpeting, raise the height and/or need additional accessories as mentioned below.

According to, a stage rental can range anywhere from $2,100 and $4,500.  A portable stage with roof and lights costs $2,100, while a mobile stage rental (with 34.5 x 27.5 roof) costs $4,500.

Stage rental overview

The estimates mentioned above should include the delivery, complete setup and tear down.

A portable stage, depending on your preferences, can include a roof with lights, loading ramp, stairs, safety railings, roof, backdrop, and skirting.  This will all vary depending on the contractor, so be sure to ask about the inclusions ahead of time.

A typical setup can take one to three hours depending on the size.

Some stage rental companies may include delivery, set-up and takedown costs with the rental cost. Just ask for the terms and conditions for stage rental for more information.

What are the extra costs?

Delivery, setup, and pickup may be an additional charge if the company has to travel outside of its radius.  For those who do charge delivery fees, most are going to charge $1 to $2 per mile.

Additional costs may apply if you need to hire technicians, operators, stagehands, drivers, and/or helpers to set-up and dismantle the stage after the event.

Instrument platforms, commonly offered alongside a portable stage, can cost up to $200 to $400 each, depending on the height.

A canopy to protect the stage from the outdoor elements, if not included with the setup, could cost another $400 to $650, depending on the size of it.

Lighting can cost around $5 to $175.

Mixers can cost around $20 to $250.

Microphones cost $5 to $50.

Speakers, depending on the size, can be rented for $20 to $150 each.

A complete DJ and Karaoke system setup can be rented for about $150 to $175.

Every day the stage needs to be extended, the costs can go up by more than $250 to $500 per day depending on the company policy.

Increasing the stage size can add an additional $500 to $1,000.

A scaffold used to display a banner can cost $500 to $1,500.

A generator to power lights where there is no power can cost $150 to $300 per day.

Different surfaces can add to the price.  For example, grass can add an additional $0.50 per square foot while brick can add up to $1 per square foot.

Some companies may not include the skirting, the material that is hung off the side of the stage to hide all the equipment and frame underneath.

You may also need to rent stairs to get up and down the stage as well as rails around the sides in case the stage is too high.

You may need to have some type of permit to build an outdoor stage, even if it is only temporary.  Check with your city to get more information.

If you would like to hire a DJ for the event so that you do not have to worry about the music, this will be an additional cost.

If you do not know much about sound equipment, you may want to think about hiring a sound technician for the event.

How can I save money?

You can save a great deal of money by taking advantage of a stage rental service that would already include setup, dismantling, and delivery or pick up costs.  Try to get as much as you can in the initial quote as there can be many hidden charges when everything is said and done.

Try to book as early as possible.  The earlier you book, the more you could potentially save.

In some cases, it may be cheaper to hire your own labor instead of using the stage rental service.  Be sure to compare the quotes of receiving just the equipment compared to having it setup.  If it’s cheaper to hire laborers, then it may be something to consider.

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