Stone House at Stirling Ridge Wedding Cost

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The Stone House at Stirling Ridge, located in Warren, New Jersey, sits on 10 lush acres, all surrounded by the hills of the Watchung Mountains, making it a perfect scenario for an intimate feel for up to 350 guests.

Stone House at Stirling Ridge Wedding Cost
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The reported Stone House at Stirling Ridge wedding costs

The cost of getting married at the Stone House at Stirling Ridge will all depend on the time and date, the number of guests attending, where you want to get married and how you customized your wedding.  From the looks of it, the venue does offer wedding packages, where you’re able to pick and choose what you want for your special day.  While the venue does encourage you to contact them for a quote, the official website does not provide any information; however, from what we gathered from outside third-party sources, we found that the package prices would range from $130 to $190 per person, with no ceremony/reception fees.  These fees were sourced by

While the blog post is outdated, this review on noted the costs at The Gallery would cost $100 per person on a Saturday evening.  Again, the post is outdated, but we linked to it because we felt it offered great insight into the pros and cons from an outsiders perspective.

Additional costs to consider

Dessert Enhancements
Candy Bar$10 per person
Viennese Station$10 per person
Crepe Bar$12 per person
S’ Mores Station$7 per person
Chocolate Fountain$7 per person
Beverage Enhancements
Stone House Martini Bar$7 per person
Outdoor Frozen Drink Station$6 per person
Cordial Bar$6 per person
Scotch Bar$6 per person
Cocktail Hour Enhancements
Sushi Bar$15 per person
Porchetta Sandwich Station$12 per person
Steakhouse$15 per person
Fonda Margarita$13 per person
Noodle Shop$12 per person
Raw Bar$25 per person
“La Caja Box” Roasted Whole Suckling Pig$15 per person
Panini Cafe$25 per person
Small Plates$10 per person
House Smoked Fish Display$18 per person
Tapas Bar$18 per person
Pre-Ceremony Enhancements
Pink Champagne$5.50 per person
Smoked Salmon Canapés$5.50 per person
Brioche Bread Pudding and Caramelized Apples$5.50 per person
Warm Apple Cider Garnished with Cinnamon Sticks$5.50 per person

NOTE:  These costs were sourced from this official PDF.  Use this as a resource only as these fees are subject to change.  All of the fees are enhancements to your wedding and are 100 percent optional.

The ceremony spaces

Grand Ballroom – Aside from being offered as a reception space, the Grand Ballroom can also accommodate a ceremony.  Offering 16-foot floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the manicured gardens, this can make for the perfect background for any ceremony.

Grand Ballroom Patio – Outside of the Grand Ballroom lies the patio, where couples can exchange their vows, all while against a massive backdrop of candlelight.

The Lodge – Like the Grand Ballroom, the Lodge can also be used as a ceremony space as well.  Perfect for an indoor ceremony, the Lodge offers an industrial-like feeling, equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows, wrought-iron chandeliers and a unique 20-foot stone fireplace.

The Lodge Patio – Outside of the Lodge also lies yet another patio, which offers a surrounding view of the venue’s meticulously landscaped gardens.

The reception spaces

Grand Ballroom – The Grand Ballroom offers a rustic, yet contemporary feel, all surrounded by the venue’s manicured grounds.  Features 16-foot ceilings, lampshade chandeliers, a private terrace, patio with fire pits and floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, this space is able to accommodate up to 350 guests for the wedding reception.  You can view the floorplan of this space here.

The Lodge – Nestled in the Watchung Mountains and surrounded by acres of gardens, this midcentury multi-level modern space is fitted with wrought-iron chandeliers, a 20-foot tall stone fireplace, and floor-to-ceiling windows, all offering a unique picturesque backdrop for your reception.  Outside the space, guests can enjoy the reflection pool, the outdoor cabanas and fire pits.  This space is able to accommodate up to 175 guests.

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