How Much Do Sunrise Windows Cost?

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Founded in 1994, Sunrise Windows is the leading manufacturer of custom-made replacement vinyl windows and sliding doors.  Through all these years, it has built its name on creativity, better performance, and reliability, establishing a strong and loyal customer base in the process.

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How much do Sunrise windows cost?

Depending on the type of window and size, the cost of a sunrise window is going to range anywhere from $400 to as much as $800 per window, installed.  The costs of the window will depend on the size of the window, the window type, shape, options and contractor you choose.

We researched the Internet to see what other homeowners paid for their Sunrise Windows and included our findings inside the table below.  Be sure to take these as an estimate as your quotes may greatly vary depending on so many factors.

Type of WindowPrice Quoted
50 square feet total$14,000
27 Vanguard "average sized" windows$21,000
25 replacement "average sized" window and casing replacement$45,000
10 "average sized" windows$8,000
14 "average sized" Verde windows$8,700
12 average sized" double hung, plus 1 egress slider replacement$11,000
1 48"x48" twin casement window$1,800
13 "average sized" windows$7,000
4 standard "average sized" windows and a door wall$6,200
17 "average-sized" Verde windows$9,000
12 double hung, 1 picture and a patio door$10,000
12 double hungs, 2 casements and 1 picture$8,000
94 square feet total$16,000

Since all jobs can be different, it can be hard to offer an exact quote.  For that reason, we highly recommend, a tool you can use to receive multiple quotes from licensed contractors in your area for free.

According to, the cost of double hung replacement windows from Sunrise Windows can range anywhere from $400 to $675. confirms that the price range of Sunrise Windows is often between $400 and $750 for a standard sized double hung window.

Factors that affect the cost

Window type

In general, all types of windows won’t be created equally, and for that reason, the type of window can greatly affect the price.  For example, a double hung window will have more working parts than a single hung window, effectively increasing the cost.

Window size

This one is self-explanatory, but the bigger the window will be, the higher the costs.  A sliding glass window, often the largest window available can be much more than a standard window.


All windows won’t be your standard square or rectangular shape.  In some homes, half rounds, trapezoids or other geometrically shaped windows can increase the price due to the production involved.

Energy efficiency

Higher level energy efficient windows will cost more, and even though most windows on the market today will be Energy Star certified, some may be more efficient than others.  For example, a Krypton gas fill can be more expensive than an Argon gas fill.


A window can be more than just a pane of glass.  Just like buying a vehicle, you can add premium options such as adding blinds between the glass, customizing the paint colors or even installing a “self-cleaning glass option.

Sunrise window overview

The company offers the following window lines:  Essentials, Standard, Verde, V class, Vanguard and Restorations, as explained in the table below:

Window SeriesDescription
EssentialsThe Essential series is considered to be the company's entry level window. Using a different extrusion and sash design when compared to the standard window, it comes in a variety of color options. The Essential series only comes in a double hung, picture and slider window.
StandardThe standard Sunrise windows are considered to be slightly better than the Essentials series, but it lacks the fiberglass sash reinforcement and will use separate locking buttons on the sash. The color options and glass packages are far greater in this series.
VerdeThe Verde series is the essentially the standard window, plus the foam filled chamber inside the extrusion and a foam wrap that's applied around the window. This series, from what we researched, does come with a lifetime warranty and includes self cleaning glass and glass coverage.
VanguardSimilar to that of the Verde, the Vanguard uses a standard frame, a fibercore reinforced sash and a recess level lock.
RestorationsThis is considered to be the premium option out of all series on this list. Comes standard with a fibercore enforced sash, foam filled chambers, high transparency screen and a narrower frame when compared to the rest on this list.

What are the extra costs?

Permit fees often apply, but most contractors will tie these fees into the total estimate.

Premium decorative options, while optional, can increase the estimate.  The company offers optional features such as decorative glass, grids, hardware, screens, Solar Clean®, SunBlinds® and more.

Tips to know:

All Sunrise windows come with a lifetime non-prorated transferable warranty, covering the entire window and is fully transferable to a second property owner.

How can I save money?

Refer to the official promotions page on the Sunrise Windows & Doors website.  Here, you can see if you qualify for any promotions, rebates and/or tax credits.

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