How Much Does a Supartz Injection Cost?

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Supartz, a brand of viscosupplementation, can be administered inside your doctor’s office, usually once a week in series of three or five injections.

A solution of hyaluronate, which is a natural substance found in the human body, acts like a “lubricant” for your knee joints.

With more than 300 million injections prescribed globally and being in use since 1987, the manufacturer states it is the #1 prescribed viscosupplement.

The reported costs of a Supartz knee injection

The costs of a Supartz injection will greatly vary depending on your doctor and the pharmacy the injections are purchased from.  From our research of multiple pharmacies across the United States, the average cost per injection was about $350 to $700 without any health insurance coverage.  While some health insurance policies may cover the injections, most do not, but do not let that discourage you as some people online did claim their insurance covered a portion of the injections.

Do keep in mind that these injections will need to be administered in a doctor’s office, meaning additional doctor office examination fees will apply as well.

One member on this thread stated his local hospital charged his wife $6,600 for three injections.

What is Supartz?

Supartz is a natural chemical of highly purified Sodium Hyaluronate, which comes from rooster combs.  Classified as a medicine referred to as visco supplements, hyaluronate, a natural chemical found in the body, is present in high amounts around the joint tissues and within the fluid which fills the joints.  The body’s own hyaluronate, in essence, acts similar to lubricant and shock absorber, helping the joint work properly.

In osteoarthritis, which this injection helps with, there is usually a notice of reduction in hyaluronate, and because of this, pain is often felt as the knees move along the joints.

These injections will only be considered when other relief methods have been attempted such as pain relievers, exercise or some sort of physical therapy.

How it’s used

The injections are approved for five weekly injections; however, some patients will see results from as few as three injections given at weekly intervals.  These dosage intervals will greatly vary depending on your doctor’s discretion and how you feel after each week.

When administered, the skin and subcutaneous tissue are first anesthetized with a local anesthetic, followed by injecting 2 cc. of Supartz with an 18-gauge needle directly into the knee joint.  You can see the entire process, in pictures, by visiting this link.

Through various investigational studies, the manufacturer has claimed the benefit from these injections can last as long as 12 months.

After the injection, your doctor will ask you to avoid high-impact activities, such as running, jogging or jumping, for the next 48 hours.  Once home, it’s best to elevate your knees with ice to help aid in the healing process and take any pain medication as prescribed.

Supartz injection side effects

pain, stiffness, swelling or puffness near the injection site



back pain

numbness feeling

cold-like symptoms

feeling tired

itching and/or irritation around the knee

The Supartz reviews from around the Internet

25 visitors to gave the injections a 6.0 out of 10.0 rating.  From the looks of it, most of the negative reviewers claimed they felt no relief; in fact, they felt more pain, while the most positive reveiwers stated that while it was expensive, they felt less pain, making it worth the investment in some cases.

On 165+ visitors gave the drug a 3.0 out of 5.0, with the reviews being mixed.  Some stated the relief lasted as long as 12 months, whereas some stated their mobility was actually worse after the injections.

This forum thread had multiple people talk in depth about the injections, with a lot of people posting positive reviews.

Synvisc vs. Supartz

A common question among those who do suffer from osteoarthritis, who are looking at knee injections, often wonder what the difference between Synvisc vs. Supartz is.  According to, Synvisc and Supartz are two brands of viscosupplementation and can both be administered at your local doctor’s office.  The biggest difference, however, will be the number of injections you will need to feel relief.  For Synvisc, it’s given as three separate injections, seperated one week apart, whereas Supartz is given in either a series of three or five injections as we mentioned earlier.

How to save money

Even if you do not have health insurance, the manufacturer of the drug does offer a Patient Assistance Program.  As long as you meet the federal poverty guidelines, the company will provide the injections at all cost.  All you will have to do is fill out a form and either fax or email it to their customer service center.

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