How Much Does Sylvan Tutoring Cost?

With Sylvan Tutoring, they will use their own computer-adaptive skills to assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and by observing these results, they will be able to evaluate the child and offer the tutoring they need.

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How much does Sylvan Tutoring Learning Center cost?

LocationWhat They Paid
Baton Rouge, LA5 hours @ $55 per hour
Blomington, CA43 hours @ $2,413 prepaid
Brooklyn, NY$72 per hour
Chula Vista, CAPrepaid for 200 hours @ $99 per hour
Denville, NJ$50 per hour
Encino, CA150 hours @ $55 per hour
Evergreen Park, IL60 hours @ $50 per hour
Gobles, MI52 hours @ $68 per hour
Melbourne , FL$50 for evaluation and $200 for two hours
Niagara Falls, NY100 hours @ $4,250 prepaid
Oakland Gardens, NY68 hours @ $50 per hour
Rocky Mount, NC88 hours @ $4,048 prepaid
Santa Rosa, CA92 hours @ $3,000 prepaid
Sergeant Bluff , IA$40.50 per hour
Stratford, CT$1,000 for SAT prep program

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