How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Tablet Screen?

While a tablet’s screen may seem indestructible, it really is not.  Just like a smartphone, a tablet screen is prone to cracking or breaking if it is dropped.  Instead of buying a new tablet, replacing the screen could be a less expensive option to consider.

How much is it?

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know:

How can I save money?

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Average Reported Cost: $42.5

100 %
0 %
Less Expensive $1 $1.5K $3K $5K $6.5K More Expensive $8k

How much did you spend?

Was it worth it?  

  1. jimmy hawley (penn yan,  New York) paid $50 and said:

    its a irulu tablet model:ax150

    Was it worth it? Yes

  2. Rhonda Esparza (Clinton,  Oklahoma) paid $35 and said:

    I did not pay anything yet. I would like to fix my tablet myself.

    Was it worth it? Yes

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