Target Eye Exam Cost

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According to the official Target website, eye exams are available via Independent Doctors of Optometry next to Target Optical in most states, but in California, Target does not provide eye exams nor do they employ Doctors of Optometry.

These doctors, who lease space inside of Target, will charge their own prices, meaning it will not be standard across the United States.

Target Eye Exam Cost
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How much does an eye exam cost at Target?

The cost of an eye exam inside of a Target Optical Center, as per the official website, will depend on the tests included in the exam and whether the exam includes a contact lens fitting or contact lens-related services.  Much like the other retailers that have optical centers within their building, such as Costco, Walmart, and Sam’s Club, to name a few, the prices will be set by the independent eye doctor’s office as they are simply using Target as their landlord.

Based on the information we found online, however, we did notice the average price for an eye exam at a Target Optical Center often was within the $55 to $75 range without any vision insurance and about $30+ more for a contact lens exam.  Again, this is highly dependent upon the location you choose as all doctors will have their own pricing tiers. The prices, like most optical centers, would increase if you had other vision conditions and/or an astigmatism, for example.

As for vision insurance, most locations will accept various vision plans, including Aetna, Humana, and EyeMed, however, as we proclaimed, since each location is independetly owned, it will be decided upon your local optical office.

Routine Eye Exam$55 to $75+
Contact Eye Exam$85 to $105+
Pupil Dilation+ $20 to $30

According to this Yelp review for the Fullerton, California location, for instance, one reviewer stated they paid $95 for a contact exam and another $89 for new glasses.

Price ReportedSource
$60 for eye exam in Glendale, AZLINK
$120 for contact lens exam at Phoenix, AZ locationLINK
$89 for eye exam in Simi Valley, CALINK
Quote $90 for exam but was charged $140 at Everett, MA locationLINK
$120 for contact lens appointment at Fort Worth, TX locationLINK
$49 for eye exam at Moreno Valley, CA locationLINK
$45 for eye exam or $65 with pupil dilation as Target employee discount in Chicago, ILLINK

Tips to know

Be sure to look for any special coupons and/or promotions before making an appointment as the official Target website, as well the app, often have coupons readily available.  For example, at the time of this publishing, the official website had a $25 off coupon if you signed up for their e-mail newsletter.

To find the nearest Target Optical near you and to be certain your location has one, refer to the official website’s search tool.  Using this tool, you can book your eye exam, but it will not display the prices, so to be certain, it’s best to call the exact location you plan on having your eye exam to know what you’re going to be charged.  You may be eligible for other discounts as well.  For example, AARP members can receive an additional $10 off their eyewear purchase.

If you do decide to purchase glasses at Target, although optional, the most people will receive their order within 10 days.

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