How Much Does a Tavistock Country Club Membership Cost?

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The Tavistock Country Club, located in Haddonfield, New Jersey, is an exclusive family-oriented club located in a small private neighborhood in its own borough — a self-governing town, the Borough of Tavistock. The country club was incorporated on December 10, 1921, shortly after 19 residents of the newly created borough received the blessings of their state and its governor.

How much does a Tavistock Country Club membership cost?

The membership fees, as with any country club, will greatly depend on the type of membership you want to sign up for.  According to this job posting, the annual dues are $4,850 ($404 a month), with the initiation fees being $25,000.  Seeing these are the fees for a top tiered membership, the costs of a social membership, for example, could be much cheaper.

A membership, however, requires sponsorship from current club members. The application process requires the completion of an application form, submitting a letter of confirmation from sponsor plus four letters from current members seconding member nomination of the applicant to the club. The membership chairman would review and communicate with applicant and sponsors.

The membership options

Active – Active members must be older than 21 and include these three classifications:

Social – Social members must be at least 21 years old and may enjoy social and clubhouse privileges, with limited golf privileges as they may play golf five times a year.  This membership requires sponsorship from a club member to become Active members.

House – House members enjoy social privileges and have a certificate of ownership.

Tavistock Country Club overview

Amenities include the 160-acre 18-hole golf course, practice facilities, a fully stock pro shop, tennis courts and a two-story clubhouse with multiple dining options.  Dining options include the Samuel Fulton Room, the Lounge, the Elizabeth Haddon Room, the Outdoor Patio and the Men’s Lounge.  The club also offers private dining room options, including the Findlay Room, the Board Room and the Ball Room.

What are the extra costs?

Green fees apply to members who don’t have golf privileges.

Members are required to pay a minimum food and beverage fee, but at this time, the fees are unknown.

Social events, commonly held throughout the year, can have an additional cost to budget for.

Lessons, tournaments, clinics and leagues can all have additional fees.

Tips to know:

The club abides by a strict dress code while on campus.  For more information, refer to this official PDF.

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