How Much Does a Teacup Pig Cost?

Pigs are often bred to become food, but there are also pigs that are kept as pets.

Although the most common types of pets are cats and dogs, some prefer a unique pet such as the teacup pig, often referred to as a miniature pig or potbellied pig.  However, while most think these type of pig will stay tiny for its entire life, this isn’t the case as there isn’t such thing as a teacup pig.  In fact, when a breeder refers to a teacup pig, they are usually referring to its size at the time, and many naive buyers, unfortunately, will adopt one for thousands without realizing what they have gotten themselves into.  No matter what kind of pig you plan on adopting, plan on it weighing at least 50 pounds or more.

These pigs are rather small and are no more than 45 to 100 pounds when grown.  While the word “teacup” is mentioned, these pigs definitely don’t stay the size of one.  In fact, they only stay small in their youth for only a few weeks..

Pickles the State Farm Pig by State Farm, on Flickr
Pickles the State Farm Pig” (CC BY 2.0) by  State Farm

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