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The Perfect Sleep Chair, according to the company, allows you to lay flat, help you stand up and everything in between, making it a perfect solution for those who suffer from heartburn, backaches or cardiac problems, to name a few.

It’s known as a sleeper chair, lift chair and a medical recliner all in one, offering amazing comfort due to the breathable, ultra-soft Duralux Microfiber its made from, giving you the option to recline in virtually any position you choose.

Whether it’s the lifting you out of the chair or used for sitting, television watching, zero-gravity mode to relieve you from stress or sleeping, the company claims this is the last recliner chair you will ever buy.

How much does The Perfect Sleep Chair cost?

The cost of The Perfect Sleep Chair, regardless as to where you purchase and the materials you choose, from what we researched, appears to be in the $2,000 range, plus an additional $199 in shipping.  Sales tax, depending on your geographical location, need to be considered as well.  While optional, a quick ship option is available for an additional charge.

On, for example, the official company has a variety of colors selling for about $2,000 at the time of this publishing, plus another $199 for shipping.

What’s included in the estimate?

The recliner, as stated, is made of a breathable Duralux Microfiber, a material considered to be very breathable and durable, and all chairs are overstuffed for maximum comfort.  Aside from the high-quality material, the entire recliner is made from a sturdy, hardwood frame and heavy gauge springs, all handcrafted in the United States, according to the company.  Customers, aside from the microfiber option, can also choose a leather option for the same cost.

Each chair comes equipped with an easy-to-use remote control, allowing you to control all functions, even if the power went out as it has a battery backup control.   The entire chair is fully adjustable, allowing you to either sit upright, kick back or recline in a sleeping position.  You can sit upright or lay flat if you choose, providing maximum relief for aching body parts.

Unless otherwise noted, the chair will come with an adjustable heat and massage function to keep you warm and muscles relaxed, all with the push of a button.

Aside from the aforementioned, all chairs come with contoured seating, the overstuffed biscuit back design, footrest, side pockets for storage, no-sag back springs and an array of color choices.

The shipping fee, often in the $199 range, will come with a white glove delivery service, regardless of who you purchase through.  This delivery service will unpack your chair, inspect it and place it exactly inside of the home where you want it.  Once unpacked, they will even take and throw away any packaging.

The color options

If you choose the Duralux leather option, color options, as of this publishing, include tan, burgundy, chocolate, blue and black.

If you choose the Duralux microfiber option, color options include cashmere, burgundy, chocolate, indigo and fern.

Do note, however, that the company does offer new colors from time to time, according to the FAQ.

Tips to know

The company claims it can clean up easily with a simple mixture of soap and water.

The chair measures 20” wide, 21.5” deep, and 20” high, while the top of the seat back is 29” from the seat, according to the official product description.

Designed to last, the weight capacity is 375 pounds and is built for those up to 6′ 5″.  If you’re of a smaller stature, the company does offer the “Petite Perfect Sleep Chair,” which can accommodate those who are 5′ 2″ and below.

A lifetime warranty is included with the purchase, which covers the lift frame and the recline mechanism.  The electronic components are covered for the first three years.

These chairs do not rock like rocking chairs nor do they swivel like traditional rocking chairs.

As all chairs are built to order, the average delivery time can range anywhere from six to eight weeks, however, if you choose the “quick ship” option, then it could arrive in as little as four weeks.

If you want to try out the chair in person, they, unfortunately, do not have any brick and mortar locations you can visit.  Rentals are not available, either.

At the time of this publishing, the chair currently has a 3.3 out of 5 star review on

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