How Much Does Tile Backsplash Installation Cost?

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A tile backsplash is an option many people choose to install in kitchens or bathrooms as a way to protect the wall behind the sink and/or create an elegant design.  Although its primary function is protection, a backsplash can quickly become the focal point for those who walk into the room.

The cost of having a backsplash installed will vary depending on the size of the job, the type of backsplash being installed, contractor and where you live.

Tile Backsplash Charlotte by granite-charlotte, on Flickr
Tile Backsplash Charlotte” (CC BY 2.0) by  granite-charlotte

How much does it cost to install a tile backsplash?

Type of TileMaterials Only (per square foot)Professional Install Cost w/ Supplies (per square foot)
Ceramic$1.50 to $3$7 to $25
Faux Stone$7 to $20$7 to $25
Glass$8 to $25$27 to $35
Granite$15 to $25$30 to $40
Marble$15 to $25$30 to $40
Metal$15 to $25$30 to $40
Porcelain$3 to $7$20 to $30
Real Stone$20 to $40+$25 to $50
Slate / Limestone$5 to $10$25 to $35
Stainless Steel$20 to $25$30 to $40
Subway Tile$1.50 to $3$7 to $25

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