How Much Does Timeshare Exit Team Cost?

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The Timeshare Exit Team, also known as Reed Hein & Associates, has been endorsed by the popular radio host, Dave Ramsey, offering more than 30 locations in the United States.

The company, as per this LA Times article, claims to confront timeshare with legal actions, not by any ineffective scammy methods such as donating or buying it.

Timeshare Exit Team Cost
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The reported Timeshare Exit Team costs

The costs of working with the Timeshare Exit Team (, as per the official website, will be dependent upon the timeshare in question, how much interest it garners and the current status of ownership.  With these factors, a professional will be able to assess your situation and determine the exact exit fee.

While the official website doesn’t offer exact pricing information as there are many factors, we were able to find out the costs other people paid online via third-party sources.  From the looks of it, the fees greatly vary anywhere from $4,000 to $12,000, again, depending on your circumstances and the timeshare you own.  Since all resort developers will greatly vary with their rules, in some cases, it could be much harder to work with one, whereas another may be considered a piece of cake.

On their official Yelp page, we found three members who posted the prices they paid.  One member said they worked with them for more than two years and paid $4,000 in fees, which included the fee to the team and the settlement fee.  In the end, the reviewer gave the company a four-star rating, noting they were relieved they were finally out of the timeshare and complimented the company on their detailed, honest process.  Another reviewer on this same review page, however, said he paid $4,000, which was half of his payment and was frustrated because the company said it could take more than nine months and nothing started yet.

The LA Times, in its investigation, called the company, but the representative who picked up the phone said they could not give a ballpark figure as every situation is different.  She did say, however, that a portion of the funds must be paid in advance, which was also declined as to how much it would cost.  After the post was published, the company did contact the newspaper and say the cost of the service averages about $4,000.

On its official BBB review page, multiple people mentioned what they paid for the company’s services.  One customer stated she had to pay $5,995 in the beginning, and the process, from what she read in the documents, could take up to 18 months to complete.  As time went on, the company asked for another $1,500 and the communication was subpar.  On another negative review, another member said he paid $3,000 up front and another $1,874 to successfully exit.  He also noted the company had poor communication.

Facts you should know

Before working with the Timeshare Exit Team, they recommend working directly with your timeshare first to see how you can officially exit the timeshare.  The company highly recommends taking this assessment on their official website to help assess the value you’re receiving.

The company guarantees that they will find you a way out of your timeshare or will refund your money 100%.

The firm is not a law office nor do they claim to be.  The Timeshare Exit Team will not provide any legal advice or representation as per their FAQ page.

The Timeshare Exit Team, being a third-party resource, isn’t your only option.  One member on this forum thread said you should either try to contact your homeowners’ association to see if they will take your unit back or consider selling it via eBay, Craigslist or even RedWeek.  In most cases, you will have to pay the closing costs and transfer fees, but it could be a lot cheaper than paying another company.

Timeshare exit team reviews

Via its official Yelp page, 40+ reviewers gave it an average of three out of five stars.  The positive reviews talked about upfront information, the experience dealing with them and being free of the timeshare, whereas the negative reviewers talked the lack of communication, the length it took to close the deal and high turnover.

While the official BBB page had 90+ reviews with a “4.7” rating, 73% of these reviews were positive/neutral, while the remaining 22% were negative.

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Average Reported Cost: $12000

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    $12000 in Lake Havasu, AZ.

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