How Much Does a TITLE Boxing Club Membership Cost?

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The TITLE Boxing Club, whose motto is “fitness over fighting,” aims to help clients burn 1,000 calories per hour-long class.  As training is based on boxing and kickboxing, clients engage in boxing and kickboxing combinations on a 100-pound bag for an hour.  While training basically involves boxing, no real fighting is allowed inside any TITLE Boxing Club.  Rather, the gym is designed to provide a setting for classes that challenge members at every fitness level to the best of their ability to obtain maximum workout results.

With numerous locations all over the country, the club provides group exercise classes and personal training for people who want to see fast results.

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How much does a TITLE boxing club monthly membership cost?

The cost of a TITLE boxing club membership will depend on your local location, how many people are joining, how long you commit and how many clubs you want to access with your membership.  From what we researched, the one-time joining fees will be in the $99 to $250 range, while the monthly dues, based on these factors, can range from as little as $59 per month if you commit to an annual contract to as much as $120+ per month if you go month by month.

We broke down the costs in our table below to help you estimate the costs.  These costs will greatly vary depending on your local geographical location, so do use it as an estimate only.

Type of MembershipDescriptionAverage Price
TITLE Card- Requires an annual commitment
- Some locations may include upgradable washable gloves, hand wraps and a bag ($100 value)
- $99 enrollment fee
- $59 to $110 per month
CLUB Card- Only valid at your home location
- Month-to-month with no contract
- $99 to $250 enrollment fee
- $89 to $139 per month
Punch Cards- 10 punches for 10 sessions- $250~ for 10 classes
- $150~ for 5 classes

According to, since each location is owned by an individual franchisee, they are limited to what they can charge as a minimum rate.  They mention that the TITLE boxing club can only charge $59 per month as a minimum, but minimum rates, across the United States, will range from $69 to $99 per month, on average.  The Annual Title Card, as we mentioned, for example, can cost $59 per month and $99 to join.

A member on this Yelp review for the Ahwatukee location in Phoenix, Arizona, claimed he paid $188 to join and $89 a month.

TITLE boxing club overview

The club offers boxing and kickboxing classes that last 60 minutes each session.  The workout starts with warm-up exercises and light runs around the area and eventually ends with 15 minutes of abdominal exercises on the floor using a medicine ball of different weights, depending on the member’s strength.

The club offers boxing fitness classes, including Power Hour, which teaches members to wrap their hands, learn boxing techniques, and work the punching bag.  These classes include 15 minutes of warm-up, including bag work, aerobics, calisthenics, and other related warm-up exercises.  The next 30 minutes will consist of three-minute rounds with a one minute break.  These “rounds” are high intensity and meant to get your heart pumping.  The last 15 minutes will concentrate on strengthening the core.  The club also offers cardio and toning exercises and personal training classes.

All locations will vary, but for the most part, they will have showers, a restroom and cubbyholes to store your belongings while working out.

Depending on the location, classes are typically held in the morning and evenings daily, with a limited weekend schedule.

What are the extra costs?

Boxing hand tape and gloves are provided free during the first class.  During the succeeding classes, members can buy them at the fitness club’s performance center.  Boxing hand tape costs $5.99 while gloves cost $30 to $100.

Private personal training sessions are available for additional fee.

Tips to know:

Members need to wear sweat-wicking workout gear as well as provide their own boxing hand tape and gloves after the first class.

The club offers a money-back guarantee if members do not get the results they want using the gym three times a week for three months.

How can I save money?

Clubs around the United States do advertise on  Before joining, see if there are any deals available to help you save up to 70 percent.  In the past, for example, they offered a $40 monthly membership option for new customers.

If you are not sure whether or not you want to join, the club will let you try one class free of charge, but you will need to buy the tape before you can start your session.  Consider trying it out ahead of time to see if you like it before paying for anything.

If you know you want to stay at the gym for more than a year, then it will make sense to commit for a year.  By doing so, you can drop your monthly rates by more than 40 percent.

Promotions, as with any gym, do exist from time to time.  Look online or even talk with your local location to see if you can potentially save on the monthly and/or enrollment fees.  Don’t be afraid to haggle.

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