How Much Does Toilet Paper Cost?

Toilet paper is among the most used items in the household today.  A study conducted showed that the average consumer uses 8.6 sheets every time you go to the bathroom.

Toilet Paper by M_Shahab, on Flickr
Toilet Paper” (CC BY 2.0) by  M_Shahab

How much does toilet paper cost?

Brand# of RollsAverage Price
Angel Soft12 jumbo$6
Angel Soft18 mega$15
Angel Soft36 double$17
Charmin6 mega$7
Charmin12 double$6
Charmin24 double$11
Cottonelle12 double$7
Cottonelle18 mega$17
Cottonelle36 double$17
Quilted Northern9 Mega$9
Quilted Northern12 double$6,50
Quilted Northern18 mega$17

How can I save money?

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