How Much Does a Tongue Piercing Cost?

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A tongue piercing is a piercing done directly in the center of the tongue, a practice that dates as far back as the Aztec culture.

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How much does a tongue piercing cost?

Overall, without any sort of jewelry, you are looking at paying $25 to $60 for a tongue piercing with a basic piece of jewelry.  When you add in the jewelry, the costs will more than likely double to $50 to $120, depending on the jewelry you purchase.  The costs, in the end, will depend on where you live, the jewelry you choose and the type of piercing.

At, a studio based in Ohio, a tongue piercing costs $30, but the price does not include the cost of the jewelry.

At Body Piercing by Bink, a studio located in Tallahassee, Florida, the basic cost of tongue piercing is $72 after tax or $88 with a bezel gem.

Extreme Graphix Tattooz in Rochester, New York, offers tongue piercing for $40 with a stainless steel barbell.

Tongue piercing overview

A tongue piercing can be done at a local piercing shop or various tattoo parlors.  All piercings should be done by a registered or licensed piercer.

Before you get your tongue pierced, you will first be asked to fill out a form, and the piercer will confirm the exact piercing you want.  After confirmation, your piercer will locate your veins using a blue light if necessary and will mark the spot.  The goal here is to make sure they avoid any veins while performing the piercing.  Next, your tongue will be clamped and the area will be punctured with either a 12- or 14-gauge stainless steel needle and will take seconds to complete.  Leaving the gauge inside the hole, the stud – depending on your preference – will be inserted.

Depending on the piercer or shop, a tongue piercing, at a minimum, should include a plain basic piercing if you don’t want to upgrade at the time.

Experts say a tongue piercing is known to be the least painful out of all piercings.

On average, it can take up to four weeks to completely heal, and the swelling will cost down after 10 to 14 days.  During this time, you will be asked to eat softer foods, avoid touching the jewelry and try not to play around with it with your tongue.

Tongue piercing options


traditional tongue piercing will be pierced directly through the center of your tongue with either a 12 or 14 gauge piercing needle.


horizontal tongue piercing, also referred to as a snake eyes piercing, will be placed horizontally through the tip of the tongue, from the left to the right.


venom piercing will be a pair of piercing, usually on either side of the tongue, with one barbell placed through the left-center and another placed on the right-center.

Web piercing

web piercing will connect the underside of the tongue to the lower palate.

Tongue tip

Lastly, a tongue tip piercing is considered to be another vertical piercing through the center of the tongue.

What are the extra costs?

With some piercers, the cost of the jewelry is separate aside from the basic jewelry included in the quote.  There are different types of jewelry you can purchase, with the most popular including titanium, yellow gold, or stainless steel.  Depending on the type you choose, an additional jewelry piece can range anywhere from $10 for a simple metal barbell to more than $150 for a diamond stud.

Aftercare products will be required to help the piercing heal properly.  Usually, a diluted alcohol-free mouthwash solution will be prescribed to help with the swelling.  This mouthwash will cost $3 to $5.

A tip, usually around five to 15 percent, is considered standard.

Depending on how well you handle pain, you may need a few ibuprofens to help minimize the pain.

In some rare circumstances, especially if you don’t follow aftercare instructions, you may encounter an infection.  An infection will often discharge a yellow, thick pus and/or you may see red streaking lines at the piercing site.

Tips to know:

It is recommended that you choose a piercer who comes highly recommended by customers instead of making the price the main concern.  Look online via Yelp or Google for highly reputable studios.

After the piercing, your tongue may swell to double its typical size.  You will need to suck on ice chips to help diminish the swelling, which can last for around two to three weeks.

Before your appointment, recommends mouth washing your mouth, flossing your teeth and scraping your tongue.  You will want to make your tongue as germ-free as possible to avoid an infection.

You may notice a slight speech impediment for the next few weeks; however, it won’t be permanent.

Smoking can prolong the healing process since it can irritate the sensitive tissue that was pierced.

How can I save money?

Getting tongue piercing is not about price.  Piercing experts advise against choosing a piercer based on price. While a good quality tongue piercing from a reputable shop can be costly, it guarantees excellent results and is, safer, especially shops that observe sanitary procedures at their establishment.

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