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Tranexamic acid, an antifibrinolytic agent, is designed to help slow down and/or stop blog clots from breaking down to help prevent or treat bleeding.

Commonly used to help treat heavy menstrual bleeding, it’s often prescribed to teenagers.

The cost of tranexamic acid

The cost of tranexamic acid, as with any prescription, will depend on the pharmacy you choose, your health insurance and the quantity.  Available in 500mg and 650mg strength, vials are available but can only be administered by your doctor.  From our research, 30 capsules at Walmart and Walgreens, without insurance, will cost about $60, averaging about $2 per tablet, but as you purchase more, this average does decrease.

For those who do have insurance, most insurance providers, including Medicare, from what we saw via plan details, would cover this drug.  As most insurance companies greatly vary with their coverage, the average cost of the drug would greatly depend on your co-pay, with most people reporting a $150 to $249 co-pay.

Refer to our table below for the average costs at most pharmacies.  This price will not include the doctor’s visit and/or additional tests to confirm your prescription.

QuantityPrice (650mg capsule)
90$185, with their comparisons, noted Walmart being the cheapest option at the time of this publishing, with 30 capsules costing about $52, while Kroger and Costco were the highest, averaging about $85 for the same 30 capsules.

As for a 100 mg/mL IV, the costs can cost close to $131 for 100 milliliters or about $1.31 to $6.16 per unit, according to

A single cost of a full course, according to, can be $170.

The medicine

As with any prescription medicine, always take via doctor’s orders.  Do not take more, less or even off schedule as it can greatly increase your chances of side effects.  According to the medicine label, you should not take this medicine when you do not have your period and must wait until the period has started in order to begin.  The medicine does come with an information insert for more information.

You can take this medicine with or without food and is designed to be swallowed whole with a liquid.  It should not be crushed, chewed or broken into pieces.

Doses will vary as each patient will be different, and the amount will depend on the medicine strength and the medical problem it’s being prescribed for.  The average adult will take two tablets three times a day during each meal, about 1,300 mg, while a child’s dosage will be determined by doctor’s orders, according to As mentioned, all dosages will be different and will be determined by your doctor’s instructions.

Tranexamic acid side effects

Side effects should be reported to your health professional immediately and can include the following:

Source:  CVS

Facts to know

The brand names for this drug include Cyklokapron and Lysteda. notes that TXA is used off-label, without approval from the FDA, most often for a variety of reasons, including reducing blood loss during surgeries as well as cesarean sections and trauma.

Store at room temperature in a dry place away from children and pets.  Always throw away the drugs when done and never flush down the toilet.  If you have questions in regards to disposing it, check with your local pharmacist or see if your local city has a take-back program.

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