Tribeca Rooftop Wedding Cost

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The Tribeca Rooftop, located in the lower part of Manhattan, New York, in the heart of the Tribeca neighborhood, is a 15,000 square foot industrial penthouse with a 65-foot long skylight roof that looks over Tribeca, New York City and even the Hudson River, offering amazing panoramic views.

Located on the 12th floor on a cobblestone street inside of a 1920s printing press building, couples can light their event with the sunlight or even the stars.  Inside, you will find a 1,400 square foot wooden dance floor that leads out to the 18,000 square foot landscaped roof deck from the mezzanine that’s located above the dance floor.

Tribeca Rooftop Wedding Cost
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Tribeca Rooftop wedding cost

At the Tribeca Rooftop, there is no rental fee, but like venues that do not charge a rental fee, there will be a food and beverage minimum requirement.  The prices, depending on the time of the year and the day of the week can range from $230 to $320 per person, with January, February, and March being “negotiable,” according to the venue.

Friday (175 guest minimum)$230/person
Saturday (200 guest minimum)$320/person
Sunday (160 guest minimum)$230/person

NOTE:  If the Sunday falls on a holiday weekend, then it will be billed as a Saturday evening rate. recommends budgeting $170 and up per person, depending on the day of the week, time of the year and the guest count.  The average event, according to their estimates, can range from $20,000 to $50,000 per event. states the price range per plate can cost anywhere from $140 to $250 per person.

What’s included in the fees above?

All food, beverages and a five-hour premium open bar, unless noted, is included in the costs.  All tables, chairs, linens, tableware, candles, staff and stage lighting is included as well.  The venue will include an events manager as well as a bridal attendant so that you do not have to hire your own wedding planner.

A sample setup, from what we researched online, includes a ceremony passed champagne and white wine; a cocktail hour with up to eight passed appetizers, cocktail stations and a choice of either smoked fish/caviar, a martini bar or a raw bar; and the sit-down dinner, depending on the season, can include an appetizer, two entree options; and lastly, the venue will make a customized cake as well.  Kosher options are available, but it will cost an additional $80+ per person.

More inclusions can be included in the fees, depending on your customizations, but for the time being, the estimates above are going to be on the lower end without any additions.  For example, you can add a sound package that includes a 10-speaker sound system, plus a microphone, for about $1,595, while a lighting package, including a lighting technician, can cost $1,495.  Valet service, another optional service, is available for $2,500.

Tips to know

Don’t confuse the Tribeca Rooftop with the Tribeca 360°.  The Rooftop is the main venue couples often use for weddings, while the 360° is located on a different floor and will have its own entrance.  The 360° is considered to be a separate rental and will not be included with the rooftop unless otherwise stated.

The rooftop can accommodate up to 320 with a dance floor or 380 without.

There is a bridal suite in a separate room off of the lobby that includes a changing room, bathroom and a bar area.

All events have a maximum five-hour rental period and all events must end by 1:30 a.m.

Due to the unusual space, you will have to use the in-house lighting and audio company.

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