How Much Does a Tyler Henry Medium Reading Cost?

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Tyler Henry, a teenage Hollywood medium who was featured on Hollywood Medium offering A-list celebrities readings on the channel E!, has been said to offer private readings for the average Joe, but it is unclear, at this time, if he is currently accepting new clients.

Tyler Henry Medium Reading Cost
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How much does it cost to get a reading from Tyler Henry?

From glancing at his official website, he doesn’t list his official prices, so the prices we note are deemed as outside sources only and cannot be guaranteed.   But if we compare related celebrity mediums, such as John Edward, who charges $850 a reading at his office or over the phone, it would be safe to assume Tyler Henry would charge at least $800+ for a reading.  Again, this isn’t confirmed — only assumed from what other celebrities charge.

From what we saw, you could be put on a waiting list by following this link, but from a past Instagram post, which is now deleted, claimed the waiting list was longer than 15,000+, meaning it may be next to impossible to schedule an appointment and receive an immediate reading, unless, of course, you’re a celebrity.

As claims, unless you’re an actor and/or reality star, there’s a good chance you could work your way up the waiting list, but for the non-actors out there, you may wait months, years or, the time may never come.

How to get a reading from Tyler Henry

Consider a giveaway – Be sure to subscribe to his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages as you may be able to apply for a free reading if he is offering a giveaway.  While your chances are slim, it doesn’t hurt to try.  He does this fairly often, so, again, it doesn’t hurt to at least try.

See him live – His exclusive shows does feature an interactive Q&A session, but like the giveaway odds, there’s no guarantee he will answer your question.  To see his tour dates, refer to his official tour date page.

Consider a talk show – Like a lot of celebrities, they will, on occasion, show up on a daytime show, where, sometimes, he will answer some questions from the audience.  In the past, for example, he was featured on The Talk.  Bookmark some of your favorite daytime talk shows and see if you can get an invite to the show; it’s usually free to apply and be part of the audience.

Book signing – Seeing he has a book out (Between Two World: Lessons from the Other Side), you may be, albeit rare, be able to find him at a book signing.  During this time, you may be able to ask him a quick question while getting your book signed, but again, this not guaranteed.

Reach out to him – Heavy says that if you are in the Los Angeles area, you can hire him for a booking by either emailing or or calling (310)770-0276

Is Tyler Henry real?  Is he a fraud?

Skeptical activists and others are concerned with Henry’s rise to fame and many have attempted to counter what Henry is able to do on his show during his readings.  Numerous critics, from what we researched, are performed by what’s known by using either a hot or cold reading technique, but others, who received a reading, said they are no longer skeptics, so with that beind said, it’s hard to decide.  He’s also said to target people who are the most vulnerable, often exploiting them for entertainment value.  On, for example, you can view more than 45+ references, both good and bad, to make your own assumptions.  We recommend you read the “critical analysis” section on Wikipedia to see what the professionals said.

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