How Much Does an Upper Montclair Country Club Membership Cost?

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The Upper Montclair Country Club, located in Clifton, New Jersey just minutes from Manhattan, New York, was formed by a group of golfers playing on a partially developed 5-hole golf course in Montclair meadow and a social organization known as the “Upper Ten Club.”

The merging of these two groups resulted in the creation of the Upper Montclair Country Club in 1901.  The club, thereafter, added four new holes to the original five-hole course and converted an old firehouse as its clubhouse.  In the early 1920s, the club acquired some land and had AW Tillinghast design a new 18-hole golf course.  By the 1950s, improvements were done on the course and were supervised by Robert Trent Jones, Sr.

How much does an Upper Montclair Country Club membership cost?

The costs of joining the club, as per this job posting, is $12,500, but this is considered to be a promotion rate.  The regular rate is said to be $25,000.  As for a top tiered membership with access to all of the amenities, the costs are close to $10,075 a year or $839 a month.  These fees, while they did come from a confirmed job posting listed by the club, can change at any time.  For more information in regards to the official pricing, refer to the membership department for exact pricing.

A potential member will require sponsorship from current club members. The club encourages its members to sponsor individuals whom they believe share the same interests and desires of the club and its membership. New member applicants who do not have sponsorships may be introduced through the club’s Hospitality Committee. Upon sponsorship, a potential member goes through the normal process of application.

One member on this thread stated he paid $5,000 per year for a junior membership.

The membership options

Preview Membership Opportunity – The Preview Membership Program allows a potential member to experience membership without an upfront initiation fee for the first 12 months of club membership.

Regular – The Regular membership options offers access to all golf and social privileges of the club.  Immediate family members are offered social privileges at the club only.

Regular Family – A Regular Family membership allows the primary member, their spouse and unmarried children younger than 21 years to golf and social privileges.

Junior – A Junior membership is designed for individuals between 21 to 35 years old.  This option offers golf and social privileges at the club.

Junior Family – The Junior Family membership is designed for individuals between 21 to 35.  This option entitles a member and their spouse to golf and social privileges.  Immediate family members are offered social privileges.

House with Golf – A House with Golf membership offers limited golf privileges during the golf season (April to October) and full golf privileges during the offseason.  Unlimited clubhouse, practice area privileges and full social privileges are included as well.

Social – A Social membership allows a primary member and their spouse to social privileges.  These members can attend all social events and host private functions at the club. Social members will have no golf privileges.

Upper Montclair Country Club overview

The club offers 27 holes of championship golf on three of its courses:  the East, West and South course.  Orginally designed by A.W. Tillinghast, the course, as mentioned earlier, went through renovations via Robert Trent Jones, Sr, which transformed it into the club it is today.  To view the course in pictures and video, refer to the official course tour on its website.

Aside from the golf course, additional amenities include a short game facility/area, a members bar, a la carte dining facilities, a pro shop and clubhouse.  Multiple social events are held throughout the year as well.

What are the extra costs?

A food and beverage minimum will apply, but at this time, it is unknown.

Green fees will apply to those who don’t have golfing privileges.

Lessons, clinics, leagues and tournaments can all incur additional charges.

Many of the social events held throughout the year will come at an additional charge to attend.

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