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UriVarx™, a product of the  Innovus Pharma Company based in the United States, is a natural supplement designed for women to help take care of any urinary tract problems by targeting the tissues surrounding the bladder to promote healthy urination.

According to the manufacturer, they claim it has been clinically approved and was proven in an 8-week double placebo-controlled trial in 150 patients, and the formula poses little to no side effects when compared to drug therapy as the product blends all natural herbs to help restore healthy urination patterns and control.

How much does UriVarx™ cost?

The cost of a 60 capsule bottle will depend on the retailer you purchase from, with prices ranging anywhere from $50 to $70 per 60 capsule bottle  At the time of this publishing, for example, Amazon.com was selling it for a few dollars less than $60 if you clipped a coupon and used the “subscribe and save” feature.

The official website of UriVarx™ offered prices for $70 for one bottle or $199 for four bottles, plus tax.  If you returned the product within 30 days, you would be charged a $10 restocking fee.

We also found mutiple other retailers selling it for an average of $70 per bottle.

What is UriVarx™?

UriVarx™ comes as a form of a capsule in a 30-day supply bottle, with the manufacturer recommending patients taking one to two capsules in the morning accompanied by a meal.

According to the label, the ingredients include lindera extract, horsetail extract and cratevox three leaf caper extract, with additional ingredients including rice flour, silica and vegetable capsule. The company claims that research has shown that horsetail, for example, can promote healthy urinary tract function, while crataeva, according to its uncontrolled study, can enhance your bladder tone.  Lindera is also known to provide anti-aging and antioxidant effects for both the bladder and urinary tract.  Silica can help aid in mineral absorption.

UriVarx™ is created in an FDA approved facility and adheres to the CGMP and NSF standards.

The product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Use only as directed, and consult with your doctor before considering the product.  Pregnant women and women who are nursing should not consider this product.

Keep out of reach of children, storing it in a cool, dry place, no warmer than 86 degrees Fahrenheit and cooler than 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do you take it?

At first, the daily dosage is one capsule per day, in the morning, accompanied by a meal and water.  If your body tolerates the capsule, then you can increase your dosage to two capsules per day.  Be sure to follow the directions closely on the label or talk to your doctor for more information.

The clinical studies

According to the official website, UriVarx™ was tested in two clinical studies, with the first study comparing the efficiency of crateva, horsetail and mineral combination in comparison to the product.  The comparison found that their product was more effective at month one and three following one month of use.

In its second study, UriVarx™ was evaluated over an eight-week, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study at two sites.  According to this study, it was assessed by 142 subjects, both male and female, on both urinary frequency and urgency.  With data collected at certain intervals at two, four and eight weeks, the outcome determined at week 8, the urinary day frequency was much lower for those who used UriVarx™ in comparison to the placebo.   You can view more information in regards to its clinical study on their official website.

As per the fine print, no adverse side effects were noted during the study, however, less than three percent reported diarrhea, UTI and flatulence.

UriVarx™ reviews – what are people saying?

With close to 30 reviews on Amazon.com, the average rating was a three out of five stars, with 41%+ simply claiming the product did not work for them, while the top reviewers stated it did work as long as you followed the directions.  This was the only reputable website we found online that offered a variety of reviews.

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