Visionworks Eye Exam Cost

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Visionworks, the third largest retailer chain in the United States, has more than 700+ locations in more than 40 states.

Committed to providing customers with an excellent shopping experience and best value, all of its stores offer comprehensive testing, including contact lens dispensing and in-store labs which can provide one-hour service on many prescriptions.

Visionworks Eye Exam Cost
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How much does an eye exam cost at Visionworks?

The costs of an eye exam at most Visionworks locations across the United States tend to be in the $55 to $75 range without insurance and about $30+ more for a contact lens exam, all greatly depending on the promotion currently being held.  If you were to need additional services such as pupil dilation and/or had an astigmatism, for example, then the prices could increase.  As most locations do offer special coupons, we were able to find “$59.98 eye exam” options, for example, when searching the company’s official website, and even in the past, they offered eye exams for as little as $10.

Depending on your local Visionworks location, they do accept a variety of insurance policies, including Medicare at most locations, but this will greatly depend on the location you choose.  To know for certain if your location accepts your insurance plan, either talk with that particular location directly and/or with your insurance provider.

Price QuotedSource
Used $49 coupon for exam in Chandler, AZLINK
$90 in Washington DCLINK
$69 for exam + $15 for fitting in Washington DCLINK
$30 exam at Wauwatosa, WI locationLINK
Took advantage of $19 deal at Bala Cynwyd, PA locationLINK
Took advantage of $19 deal at Bala Lancaster, PA locationLINK

Tips to know

The Visionworks official website allows you to sign up for exclusive offers and promotions when you give them your email.  Before making an appointment, be sure to see if any coupons, discounts and/or special offers are available for an upcoming visit.

The company, as per its page, offers a free lifetime cleaning and adjustment for your glasses.  They will even replace the nose pad, missing screws and even make any comfort adjustments at no charge to you, ever.

All purchases will be backed by a 30-day conditional satisfaction guarantee, and for those who are not satisfied with the purchase can bring it back for them to make it right.

You can schedule an exam directly on the company’s website if you do not want to call your local store.

If you do plan on buying frames and lenses directly through the company, they do have locations which have in-store labartories on site, allowing you to receive your prescription the same day.  However, locations that do not have this technology will often mean you will have to wait up to 10 days to receive your prescription.

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