How Much Does a Washington National Cathedral Wedding Cost?

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The Washington National Cathedral is the world’s sixth largest cathedral offering magnificent views of Washington D.C. and Virginia from its 57-acre site.

The Washington National Cathedral is “a national treasure and an architectural feat, a place of stunning beauty built to inspire. Inside, artwork and exhibits tell the American story of faith. Outside, you can explore gardens and grounds shared with three outstanding schools—or peer with gargoyles from the city’s highest point.”

Washington National Cathedral Nave by yeahbouyee, on Flickr
Washington National Cathedral Nave” (CC BY 2.0) by  yeahbouyee

How much does a Washington National Cathedral wedding cost?

As far as the Washington National Cathedral wedding cost is concerned, the official website states the wedding fees begin at $9,000.  Not everyone can get married here, however.  The Cathedral states couples of whom at least one party has received Holy Baptism or couples who are members of a church or exploring membership at a church may get married here.  The guidelines are quite strict and a limited number of couples qualify.  On, for example, one member, who planned on getting married here, said you need a connection at the cathedral, either as an alumn, a donor or as a volunteer in order to even be considered.

What are the extra costs?

The wedding fees noted above will include the ceremony fee only and won’t include the reception site if you want to have your reception on site.  The Washington National Cathedral offers a variety of spaces for a reception, including the Nave, which can seat up to 1,500, the Bethlehem Chapel or the Pilgrim Observation Gallery.

Tips to know

In order to secure the venue, a 50 percent deposit is required six months in advance, with the entire balance due 90 days prior to the wedding day.

Other an Episcopal clergy licensed in Washington D.C. or clergy of denominations who are members of the National Council of Churches of Christ in America may officiate the wedding.

The wedding can only be held on select Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

This venue, according to is extremely popular, and for that reason, the weddings they hold are extremely limited.

No outside florists are able to bring in flowers other than the bouquets for the bride-to-be.

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