How Much Does a Water Massage Bed Cost?

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A water massage bed, which is sometimes referred to as a hydrotherapy massage table, is becoming widely recognized as a good way to deal with stress.

These beds are extensively used in spas, but as of late, many individuals are purchasing them for home use.

How much does an aqua massage bed cost?

On average, most water massage beds are going to range anywhere from as little as $2,500 to as much as $18,000.  It is not uncommon to see some higher-end models fetch prices as high as $30,000 or more.

For example, in New York, offers The Dry Water Jet Massager, a full-body water jet massage table for $36,000.  This table doesn’t get you wet, uses aromatherapy, relaxing audio and video to soothe the user’s tactile, olfactory, auditory, and optical senses.

Factors that affect the price


Water massage beds typically come with hydro jets that produce various levels of water pressure and intensity during the hydro massage.  Some have rotating hydro jets strategically located from the cervical spine to the leg area.  The built-in heating system with electronic thermostat controls the temperature of the water while a radiator protects the bed or table from overheating.  The more expensive units, such as the Hammacher Schlemmer water jet massagers, which are made of durable fiberglass, are equipped with microprocessors that control the pulsating water to produce a range of massage techniques.


Water massage beds typically have hydro jets, a thermostat, a timer, and a pressure controller.  Many high-end water massage beds come with a number of pressure settings and a sophisticated water release system. The more expensive ones also have features like an integrated LCD screen with DVD player, Bose headphones, and an aroma diffuser.

Massage technique

Different water massage beds and tables produce different massage techniques, owing to their type of setup.  There are also water massage beds that have the capability of producing a type of massage that penetrates deep into the soft tissues, especially if the individual stays longer on the bed.  More expensive units are programmed to provide a massage method that replicates shiatsu, or finger pressure massage.

Aqua massage bed overview

A water massage bed is a self-contained, user-operated bed that uses a pulsating jet mechanism to massage the whole body or selected areas only.  Some high-end units come in the form of a capsule.  The thermostatically-controlled bed is equipped with water jets that pulsate and run up and down the bed.  The water jets can be controlled and halted on specific locations to work on certain trigger points or muscle spasms.  The bed usually comes with a built-in timer, different levels of pressure, and travel speeds.  The temperature can also be set as well as the cooling systems that protect the unit from overheating.

When in use, the bed can be adjusted according to various levels of heat, pressure, duration and target treatment settings to provide the needs of the user.

Some units are equipped with an LCD panel, an LCD player and headphones that can be used with an iPod or CD player.  They also have an integrated aroma diffuser that emits subtle fragrances to enhance the experience of the individual using the bed.

What are the extra costs?

Massage table warming pads may be necessary for use in some water massage beds.  Warming pads produce therapeutic heat during hydromassage sessions and distribute the heat equally across the surface of the pad, eliminating cold spots.  Massage table warming pads can cost $30 to $300 and up, depending on quality and features.

Tips to know:

Water massage beds do not require plumbing or special installation.  The built-in reservoir just needs to be filled with water and plugged into an AC outlet.  Some manufacturers provide in-home setup of the hydromassage equipment and removal of packing materials.

Make sure that the water massage bed can hold and support the weight of the heaviest individual likely to use it. Ask the dealer about the weight capacity before making a choice.

If you are buying a water massage bed for business use, make sure that it comes with resources for installation, training, and maintenance.

Inquire about the warranty offered.  Some units come with a 3-year warranty on the tub and frame, a 2-year warranty on parts, and 90 days labor.

Questions to ask a retailer

How does your water massage bed work?

Can I lie on the bed in any position?

How long can I lie on the water massage bed?

Can other forms of treatment be incorporated into the water massage bed?

What are the requirements for installing the bed?

How often should the water be changed?

Does the water massage bed need maintenance?  If so, how often?

How can I save money?

Ask about the most reasonable form of financing if purchasing from a local retailer.

If you are starting a business and need to buy more than one water massage bed, be sure to ask about discounts.  Some manufacturers do offer bulk discounts.

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