How Much Does a Wedding Band Tattoo Cost?

Aside from the conventional wedding ring, a wedding band tattoo is a tattoo some people choose to help remember the day of their wedding, and in addition to the pictures and videos, this tattoo is a great way to look back on the commitments made.

Some people, however, prefer not to wear an actual ring since it can be irritating or lost or stolen easily, while some may have a thinner tattoo done so the wedding band covers it while being

Wedding band tattoos provide couples a more permanent display of their bond since the tattoos are inked their skin and can only be removed by certain medical procedures.  Like any tattoo, the designs are endless.

The price of a wedding band tattoo will depend on the artist, design and geographical location.

wedding band tattoo by Jessie Pearl, on Flickr
wedding band tattoo” (CC BY 2.0) by  Jessie Pearl

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