How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

One of the essentials of planning a wedding is sending out the invitations.  It is also important to send out reply cards in order to get a count of how many people will be attending.  Wedding invitations can be a large expense or can be quite cheap, depending on your creativity and budget.

wedding invitation card by tamburix, on Flickr
wedding invitation card” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  tamburix

How much are typical wedding invitation prices?

Type of DesignCost Range
Design Studio:  These invitations tend to be hand drawn or custom made.  These designers can either be found online or in high-end stationary stores.$1,000 to $2,500 per 100 invites
Stationery Stores:  You will be able to design your own invites with the help of a professional.  This company will print your ideas onto invitation card, along with a response card and envelopes.$5 to $8 per invite
Online Invitation:  Online-only retailers will allow you to either customize your own invites or use templates you're able to design on your own.$3 to $5 per invite
DIY:  This can be done by downloading a template online and printing the invites at home on specialty paper.$1 to $2 per invite

We looked at a handful of companies and was able to get the following quotes:

CompanyPrice Per Wedding Invitation
Bed Bath and Beyond Wedding Invitations$0.65 to $8 per invitation
Birchcraft Wedding Invitations$100 to $660 per 100
Checkerboard Wedding Invitations$125 to $800 per 100
Costco Wedding Invitationsstarts at $0.69 per card
Evite Wedding Invitationsfree
FedEx Kinkos Wedding Invitations$30 per 20
Michaels Wedding Invitations$0.54 to $4 per invitation
Papyrus Wedding Invitations$56 to $70 per 25
Sams Club Wedding Invitations$0.68 per invitation
Shutterfly Wedding Invitationsstarts at $1.49 per invitation
Snapfish Wedding Invitationsstarts at $0.55 per invitation
Vistaprint Wedding Invitationsstarts at $0.52 per invitation

Factors that affect price:

Where to buy invites:

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know:

Best-selling handmade wedding invite kits

How can I save money?

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