How Much Does a Westmount Country Club Wedding Cost?

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The Westmount Country Club is located on top of the Garret Mountain in Woodland Park, New Jersey, offering seclusion and amazing views of the surrounding landscape.  On 30 acres, the country club features an outdoor terrace area, gazebos and manicured gardens perfect for ceremonies, receptions and photo sessions.

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How much does a Westmount Country Club wedding cost?

On average, the price of a wedding at the club is going to be anywhere from $120 to $200 per person.  These costs, according to many couples who did receive a quote, will depend on the time of the year, the day of the week, the number of guests and your menu choices, according to the sources we found online  Before you book, the venue will ask that you book a minimum of at least 125 guests.  If you are going to be married on a weekend, be prepared to pay close to that $200 per person range.

This “per person” fee won’t include the ceremony fee, however, only the reception.

According to, the average catering price per person at the Westmount Country Club is $120 per person.

One forum member on this forum thread at said the quote for catering per person is $125 and that estimate was for a Saturday night.  Another person on that same thread stated that they received a quote for $135 per person in late October.

On this forum thread , one member stated that it can cost $185 per guest with a minimum of 125 people.  This higher price was quoted during the peak of the wedding season when the facility is in high demand.

Westmount Country Club wedding overview

There are two rooms where your reception can be held: either the Grand Ballroom or the Continental room.  The Grand Ballroom, offering a majestic and glamorous feel, offers floor-to-ceiling windows, with magnificent views of the mountain landscape and gardens.  This ballroom is able to accommodate up to 1,000 guests.  The Continental Room is designed for smaller weddings, able to cater up to 200 guests.  This room has more of a “chic” feel, offering angled coffered ceilings with crystal chandeliers.

The wedding ceremony and reception area has a maximum capacity of 1,000 guests.

Service from an onsite wedding consultant will be included to help out from start to finish to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The bar and beverage services are included in the minimum venue’s rental fee.  The beverage service is offered in-house.

Lighting and sound system are also included in the rental fee.

Other inclusions include the linens, seating, wedding cake, and shuttle/transportation for your guests.

What are the extra costs?

Additional amenities are available such as champagne, complimentary pre-reception drinks and/or cigar rollers for the wedding guests.

Taxes are an additional charge to consider.

A 20 percent tip will be added onto the overall quote once the final reception bill is determined.

A matr’d fee is said to be close to $1,200.

Although some people only have their reception at the Westmount Country Club, there are others who also want to have their ceremony at this location.  This will be a separate rental fee if you do decide this option.  However, even if you choose to have your ceremony elsewhere, this will still be an extra cost, regardless.

While the club offers a wedding coordinator to help you plan the event, this person will not oversee all the details of the wedding.  If you are looking for a coordinator to help with helping with everything from invitations to decorations to the ceremony and reception, you will need to hire someone separately.

Tips to know

Many previous brides who wanted to get married here claimed that you will not be able to receive a quote over the phone.

As for using a florist, the venue asks you use one of their three.   No florists, outside of their three recommendations, are allowed, according to couples who had their wedding here.

How can I save money?

Do not be afraid to haggle with the vendor, and when negotiating, make sure that you are talking to the person who has the power to make changes for you.  From what we read, they are willing to work with a reasonable budget.

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