How Much Does a Wound Vac Cost?

A wound VAC (vacuum assisted closure), also known as the negative pressure wound therapy, is a portable sucking device used to medicate progressive bed sores or slow-healing wounds.  This type of therapy can also be used on second degree burns.  Using a pump, the wound vac draws excess fluids from the bed sores or other deep wounds that seem to heal very slowly on their own and collect them into a chamber.

To have the machine installed, the bed sore or open wound is first cleaned, and then a piece of sterilized sponge is made to fit inside the wound.  After which, the sponge is secured in place with a clear film, and a small cut allows a tube to hang out into the sponge.  The tube is then fixed in place, and after connecting to the wound VAC, the machine is turned on to serve its purpose.  Depending on the type of wound, the wound vac can either be run continually or can be turned on intermittently.  When the wound vac is on, the blood flow to the area increases which allows for quicker healing.


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