How Much Does a Yale Club Wedding Cost?

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The historic Yale Club of New York City, commonly referred to as the Yale Club, is the largest private college clubhouse in the world, located in downtown Manhattan.

Its memberships are restricted to alumni and faculty of Yale University.

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How much does a Yale Club of New York City wedding cost?

On average, the site fee for the club is going to be around $500, and the catering fee will range anywhere from $170 to $240+ per person.  The rental fee will be $10,000.  These fees are according to those who had their wedding there in the past.  Keep this as a budget only as the rates are subject to change.

According to, the rental fee for the venue starts at $170 to $200 per person.

One forum member on this forum thread stated that she received a quote for $180 to $195 per person.

There is a minimum rental fee of $10,000, according to  The event rental is not included in this amount and is said to be at $1,000.

Yale Club of New York City wedding overview

The club offers nine event room options, including the Branford Suite, Council Room, Grand Ballroom, Library, Main Lounge, Roof Dining Room, Saybrook, Trumbull and the Tap Room.  Download this brochure to see what each event room can offer for your occasion.  Seated dinners can set up to 300 guests.

The minimum rental fee mentioned above includes the food, with a wide variety of food choices for the guests.

The cake, the chairs, tables, glassware, chinaware, flatware and linens are said to be included in the minimum rental fee.

A bride suite will be included for the couple.

What are the extra costs?

Flowers, music, photographers and additional vendors needed for your wedding need to be budgeted for.

The taxes and fees are not part of the package either.  The admin fee is said to be $2,300, plus the New York imposed sales tax.

Many couples only have their reception at the Yale Club, not the ceremony.  If you plan on hosting your ceremony elsewhere, this is something to budget for.

Tips to know

To get married at the Yale Club, you will need a Yale alum to “sponsor” or vouch for you in order to get married here.

The club does offer preferred vendors on its official website.  As for the florists, the club does ask that you choose one of their seven florists, but other than that, you’re free to work with any other vendor.

How can I save money?

As with any wedding venue, the costs will greatly depend on the time of year and time of day you’re getting married.  The event space within the club can also dictate the price.  For that very reason, talk with a coordinator ahead of time to see if they can work with your budget.

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