How Much Does a Yorkie Poo Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 9, 2018

A Yorkie Poo, also known as Yorkiedoodle or a Yo-Yopoo, is not a purebred – it’s a 50/50 cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy or Minature Poodle.

Because of the cross breeding, it’s difficult to predict the exact result of the puppies.  Some offspring will take on the Yorkshire features, while others may favor the poodle.

This means that not every Yorkie poo will look or act alike.

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How much does a Yorkie Poo cost?

On average, a Yorkie Poo puppy is going to cost anywhere from $400 to as much as $1,000.  The costs will depend on its parent’s history, bloodline, the quality, colors, age, breeder, geographical location and inclusions with the adoption.  A breeder with paperwork will always cost more than a backyard breeder with little paperwork.

On the market, you may see the following terms: F1, F2 or F3.  F1 refers to 50 percent Yorkie and 50 percent Poodle, whereas an F2 refers an F1 Yorkie-Poo and F1 Yorkie-Poo.  Lastly, an F3 refers to an F2 Yorkie-Poo bred with an F2 Yorkie-Poo.  The higher the number, the more you’re likely to pay., an online pet classified website, has several Yorkie Poos listings, with prices ranging anywhere from as little as $350 to as much as $850.

On, another pet classified website like, the prices range from $500 to $1,500.

What is going to be included in the adoption fee?

A reputable breeder should always, at a minimum, include the registration paperwork, up-to-date vaccinations, a health guarantee and a vet check up from a registered veterinarian.  If being shipped, your breeder should include the travel crate as well.

What are the extra costs?

If the dog has to be shipped via an airline or by ground, plan on spending an additional $200 to $300.

As with any dog, be sure to factor in the recurring costs such as food, accessories, vet visits, grooming, obedience classes, dog sitting and medication.  Even if your dog is 100 percent healthy, it can still cost you well over $600 a year or much more if your dog were to come down with an illness.

Tips to know:

A Yorkie Poo usually stands between six to nine inches tall and weighs around four to 14 pounds, depending on its genetics.

The average life span, as long as healthy, is close to 12 to 15 years.  Due to being a relatively new breed, however, there is little data in regards to their health history.

The coat can be a white, black, gray, silver or a blend of these colors, greatly depending on the genetics, but as they grow older, however, their coat slowly becomes gray.  Their tail can stand high or straight, and again, depending on the parents, the size and head will vary in size, similar to that of either the Poodle or Yorkshire Terrier.

This breed is not recognized by the AKC since it is deemed a “hybrid.”  To put it nicely, it’s an overpriced “mutt.”  It is recognized as a breed by the American Hybrid Canine Club, Designer Dog Kennel Club, International Designer Canine Registry and the Designer Breed Registry.

It’s known as a good watchdog and will tend to bark at any unknown noise; however, they can be controlled with training at a younger age.

Due to their fragile size, you must carefully monitor your dog as it plays with children.  The same can be said with larger dogs as the Yorkie Poo tends to underestimate their size, challenging other dogs, regardless of how intimating they may be.

The dog doesn’t shed as much as the average dog, making it great for those who suffer from allergies.  Even though they are considered hypoallergenic, you should still brush their hair to keep it free of any tangles and debris.

Even though the dog is smaller than average, they still need time to play outdoors.  Suitable for an apartment, be forewarned that they can bark constantly if they, again, aren’t trained properly.

As for its temperament, the Yorkie Poo is known to be confident, filled with a lot of energy, boldness and intelligence.  Also, gentle, loving and affectionate, they love to be around its owner at all times.

Common health problems that may arise include cataracts, dry eye, keratitis, progressive retinal atrophy and endocarditis.

How can I save money?

Why spend close to a thousand dollars when you can spend less than $150 at a local shelter?  Before considering a “designer” dog, consider going to a local rescue and/or shelter to see if you can find a dog that closely resembles this breed.  It’s a great way to support a local cause and help a dog truly in need.

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Average Reported Cost: $200

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Less Expensive $1 $1.5K $3K $5K $6.5K More Expensive $8k

How much did you spend?

Was it worth it?  

  1. K Charles (American Fork,  Utah) paid $ and said:

    The puppies were listed at $950 but they dropped the price to $650.

    Was it worth it? Yes

  2. JJ (Anderson ,  South Carolina) paid $400 and said:

    Bought Yorkiedoodle from breeder for $400.

    Was it worth it? Yes

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