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The 40 Day Reset is designed to help you lose 40 pounds in as little as 40 days and has physical offices in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, South Carolina and Florida.

Heard on popular radio station commercials, this personalized diet program helps all genders and body types lose rid of the fat, all in a healthy-hunger-free way.

With this program, according to the website, you use your own food, daily coaching is available and no exercises or cravings occur.

How much does the 40 Day Reset diet cost?

The initial consultation, where the center will show you exactly what your body needs, will measure your body fat, metabolic age and your body’s ideal weight.  Then, with this information, the will show you what needs to be done on your end to meet your goals, your diet plan, the pricing and how long it will take to reach these goals.  According to the official website, the consultation is free and you are able to do so via their booking form.

As for the program, there was very limited information found online, but according to someone who “claimed” to use this actual service, they paid $2,000~ for the first 40 days, but compared to other diet centers, which used a similar approach, the costs were in the $1,500 to $2,100 range.  These costs are unconfirmed, but from our guesstimates, it should be pretty close.  If you did try this diet plan, do let us know in the comments if you tried it out and what you paid.

According to one comment on this YouTube video, someone said they spent a bit over $2,000.

On these BBB reviews, many customers who left a review said they paid $1,800 to $2,100 for the program.

The program – how it works

Its specialized frequency based testing will examine close to 5,000 factors to help reveal which hormonal imbalances, organ dysfunctions and toxins are causing your current weight gain.

Next, with this information, the center creates a customized diet plan that’s able to satisfy your biological needs, listing the foods your body will be able to put into “fat burning” mode.

The difference between this program and other diets is that it offers a food plan designed specifically for your body, a head-to-toe calibration of your body composition and daily coaching to help achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle.  This program does not include temporary solutions nor does it require you to purchase prepackaged foods.

Throughout the 40 days while in the program, a personal coach will support your daily, tracking your progress along the way to help you transform into the person you want to be.  According to Dr. Kevin Hall, the medical director of the Ridgewood location, he said the support and guidance will continue for a year after signing up.

Effectively working with a lot of customers, you can view results of both before and after pictures by visiting this page.

The results

The weight you lose is highly variable on how serious you take the program.  Males, in general, will lose their weight faster than females, from our research, but on average, females lose about 27 pounds in under 40 days, whereas a male will lose about 30 pounds in 40 days.  The greatest success story?  Close to 45 pounds in 40 days.  These figures are confirmed by this NJ.com article that interviewed Dr. Kevin Hall, a medical director at the company.

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Tips to know

The company, as per its FAQ, does offer a 20-pound guarantee.  This guarantee claims that each client that has more than 20% of excess fat will lose 20 pounds within the first 40 to 50 days.  In the rare case you do not meet this guarantee, they will put you through the program again and make sure the pounds are lost at no additional cost.

The program has helped many diabetics, both type one and type two.

Reviews were very sparse online, but we did find a BBB page with more than 25 reviews, half of which were “complaints.”  According to the complaints, they complained of the no refunds policy, deceptive practices and poor results, but again, these were mixed, so of course, it’s best to use your own judgment.

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