Awaken180° Weightloss Cost

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The Awaken180° Weightloss, as per the official website, allows YOU to master your destiny.

Based on the highest standards, integrity and reputation, those looking to lose weight can see great results using the system’s three component approach.

With multiple physical locations in Massachusetts, the company also offers a worldwide system as well.

Awaken180° Weightloss Cost
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How much does the Awaken180° Weightloss cost?

Researching online, it was very hard to find the exact costs of the program, but from glancing at the program details, it appears they will provide you with 80 percent of your meals and one-on-one coaching, so it’s best to be prepared to budget for the ongoing meals as long as you’re active with the program.

From a discussion on Twitter, we did find the costs seemed to be in the $2,500 range, but this is unconfirmed as it came from a third-party source.  For accurate pricing, we do recommend contacting the program directly for more information as the official Twitter account notes the program is very individualized and the prices can vary.  This price seems to fall in line with other competing weight loss centers in the area, such as the local New England Fat Loss Center, so it’s probably not too far off.  If you did receive a quote from the company and/or signed up, we do recommend you share your costs in our section below to help others who need the help!

How does Awaken180° Weightloss work?

According to the website, you will meet with a weight loss consultant weekly to modify/optimize your diet, select meals and discuss ways to stay on track.  Their diet, when implemented, is devoted to keeping your blood sugar balanced and cravings under control.  Even when you do reach your desired weight, the company will support you for life.

Taking your weight loss to another level, Awaken 180 will combine the science behind weight loss, the ease of meal preparation and the positive ways to think to keep your weight off.  The company will provide 80 percent of your meals, weekly one-on-one coaching and a support program for life.  This program effectively focuses on your diet/nutrition and the habits which contributed to your weight gain in the first place.  According to one reviewer on Yelp, the meals are powered whey and soy, not “real” foods, while people on Twitter said it was low-glycemic index carbs only and zero sugars.

Facts you should know

The company does advise clients that they should walk at least 30 minutes a day or be as active as you can if you’re suffering from some sort of joint pain.  As you become more fit, then they will encourage you to take part in cardio exercises, incorporating strength resistance exercises.

Even if you do not live in the Massachusetts area, they offer a worldwide program as well.  With this program, they will send you a scale, regular food shipments and instead of meeting in person, they will ask to talk with you over Skype to offer you the same information you would if you were attending in person. Just like other clients, you will receive side-by-side support for life, for free.

Group rates, according to the FAQ, are available.

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