How Much Does Broken Wrist Surgery Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 9, 2018

A broken wrist can refer to a break or fracture of any of the bones in the wrist area.  If this were to happen, the costs would greatly depend on your situation.

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How much does broken wrist surgery cost?

The cost for operating on a broken wrist will vary due to several circumstances such as the geographical location, the surgeon, the treatment required, the procedure the doctor is using, laboratory tests, such as x-rays, and if health insurance is involved.

The cost of diagnosis and a non-surgical treatment for a sprained or broken wrist without health insurance is around $500 or less for a mild to moderate injury.  A fracture that requires a cast with surgery could easily cost $5,000+ without any health insurance.

The average cost of a wrist x-ray before the treatment option is even considered can range anywhere from $190 to more than $1,500.  Non-surgical treatment for a common type of wrist fracture can cost around $300, excluding the doctor’s fee.  Basically, a doctor’s fee is around $90 to $250 for a consultation and another $250 to $1,150 for the treatment, which usually includes the compression, x-rays, medication and/or split.  This price range wouldn’t include any sort of surgery.

According to, the cost of a short-incision open carpal tunnel procedure is around $3,000, whereas an open surgical treatment for a wrist fracture can cost around $1,500.  Depending on the nature of the fracture, the cost could be higher or lower. claims that a nonsurgical treatment will be around $500 while a moderate sprain can cost $2,500 or more.

Overall, based on these factors and estimates, the treatment for a wrist injury will be anywhere from $500 to $1,000 for a sprain that only requires a splint or wrap or $1,000 to $3,000+ for a fracture or break that requires a cast.  In the event of a surgical procedure, the costs could be about $4,000 to $11,000 without insurance.

Broken wrist surgery overview

A mild wrist sprain can often be treated at home with a compression and/or elastic bandage with ice.  For a sprain that’s deemed moderate, the doctor may require you wear a splint.  In extreme cases, your doctor will more than likely refer you to an orthopedic surgeon for surgery.  During the surgical procedure, the bone will be realigned if necessary and a cast will then be put on, which can stay on for up to 14 weeks.  In extreme cases, screws will be used to help keep the bone in place during the natural healing process.

The estimates provided above should include the physician fees, operating room costs and supplies.

What are the extra costs?

Extra costs may be incurred for laboratory and medical tests required by the doctor such as a wrist x-ray and other miscellaneous expenses before the treatment even begins.

Braces, splints, and/or medication are common supplies required to help with the healing process, and these can cost hundreds of dollars outside of the estimates mentioned above.

Additional costs may also be required for physical therapy, follow-up operations and/or treatments.  Without insurance, each session can easily cost $150 to $200.  SEE: “How much does physical therapy cost?” Patients who often need physical therapy find themselves needed at least six to eight weeks of treatment.

If the emergency room was used, the costs could increase by the thousands.

Tips to know:

Broken wrist symptoms may include severe pain, swelling, tenderness, bruising, an obvious deformity and/or stiffness in your finger/thumb joints.

How can I save money?

If you do not have health insurance, many doctor’s offices are more than willing to offer cash discounts or payment plans.

Health insurance will more than likely cover the procedure.  Be sure to check with your insurance to see what costs you will have to cover.  All insurance policies are going to vary with their coverage.  If you do not have health insurance, consider browsing through hundreds of policies with companies such as

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    Was it worth it? Yes

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    I was in an auto accident as a passenger not wearing my seatbelt and broke my wrist ad i braced myself against the dashboard before we hit a palm tree and totaling my 4runner. I used the ER and my wrist was broken in 2 bones just under the palm of my hand. I have 2 plates and 8 screws and a 4 in scar. I used an orthopedic surgeon.

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  3. Dee (Arlington,  Texas) paid $21000 and said:

    4 anchors, plate & 5 screws…range of motion 99.9%
    Was worth the cost!

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