How Much Does Car Dent Repair Cost?

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When it comes to removing a car dent, there are several ways to remove it.  For minor dents and dings, a technique, known as paintless dent removal, is often performed, but for larger dents, the dent will be restored and then a series of painting techniques will be applied to cover the spot where the dent used to be.  If you fail to fix a dent, it can often corrode or even rust as time goes on.

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How much does car dent repair cost?

The cost of removing a dent will depend on the process being used, the size of the dent and the technician being hired.

On average, smaller dents that are less than seven inches in diameter, using the PDR method, can cost anywhere from $50 to $300, but larger dents on the door, bumper or hood can cost anywhere from $500 to more than $2,000 if it has to be re-painted.   This is the price per dent; however, if the dents are closer to each other or are done during the same job, the costs will be much less per dent.  In the end, if the dent is less than seven inches in diameter, the costs should be less than $250 on average. recommends budgeting at least $25 per inch.

Most of the time, larger dents may require that the entire panel is replaced as it will be cheaper to do so.  The pricing can be dependent upon how long the job is going to take.

For example, offers paintless dent removal services and charges $85 to $200 for dents measuring one to two and a half inches in size.

Another company — — charges about $79 to $179 for one to seven-inch dents. says a dented bumper is one of the most common repairs done, and to have it replaced, it can cost $900, while having it repaired can be $450.

Car dent repair overview

There are three common places to get dents taken out professionally:  the dealership, a larger franchise or a small collision shop.  The dealership will often be a good choice if you’re still under warranty or you have a higher-end vehicle since some will require special tools to take out the dent.  Larger franchises, such a MAACO, are known to be able to take out any sized dent with the latest technology on the market.  Lastly, a smaller mom and pop collision shop will be the least expensive option and will be able to work with just about any repair.

There are two ways to remove a dent:  either via the conventional method or via the paintless dent removal method.  The conventional method will prep the area, fill the dent, paint the area, apply a smooth finish and will dry for the day.  This process, depending on the complexity, can take a few hours.  The paintless dent removal method will use specialized tools to help sculpt the metal back into the original form.  As long as the technician has access to the back of the panel, the job can be done.

What are the extra costs?

If the area has to be buffed or repainted, this can be an additional cost to be considered.  Paint chip repair can cost $50 to $350, depending on the amount of paint needed and the type.

Tips to know

Compared to a traditional dent repair, paintless dent removal, often referred to as PDR, won’t damage the paint finish since there’s no sanding, filler or repainting involve.d

How can I save money?

For smaller jobs, it may be easier to remove the dents yourself.  Car dent removal tools online can cost anywhere from $10 to $50.

If you have a car insurance policy with a deductible, check with them to see if they will cover the removal process.

Look for any special coupons or discounts online before booking an appointment.  These can often be found on Yelp, Facebook and/or their official website.

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