How Much Does Underbite Surgery Cost?

Underbite surgery is a corrective surgery that fixes an underbite, medically referred to as a prognathism.  The root of an underbite is when the lower part of the jaw is smaller than the upper part, causing the teeth to not line up as they should, and in most cases, an underbite will almost always be inherited.  If your parents had an underbite, then there’s a good chance you could be a candidate as well.  Instead, the lower teeth sit in front of the upper teeth.  Because of this, the jaw can be held in uncomfortable positions, which can cause a lot of pain, leading to this type of procedure.

Protraction facemask headgear - preparin by bracesparent, on Flickr
Protraction facemask headgear – preparin” (Public Domain) by bracesparent

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