How Much Does Car Door Repair Cost?

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A car door can be repaired for many reasons.  Whether it’s a dent in the side door, a large scratch or a door that doesn’t shut right, all of these problems can be resolved for a price.

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How much does a car door repair cost?

The cost of car door repair will all depend on the job being completed.  Something as simple as a small dent can be repaired for as little as $150 while replacing the entire door could cost as much as $1,000 or more.

Repairing a car dent, for example, will all depend on the size of the dent.  Dents smaller than seven inches will often cost less than $350 if you use the paintless dent removal method.  However, this price could be much higher if the dent is either larger or if the dent has to be primed and painted.  Refer to our two posts we have written in the past on paintless dent removal costs and car dent removal costs.

A sprung car door repair, which will replace worn-out door hinge bushings, allowing the door to shut properly again, can cost close to $350 to $550 per door, depending on the make, model and the mechanic performing the job.

A damaged car door repair, which may require a brand new door, will depend on the repair being done or if you need a new door.  A reputable technician should be able to compare the costs of resolving the problem while keeping the original door or simply replacing it with a new.  A new car door, on average,  can cost $350 to $1,500, depending on the make and model.

Scratches on a car door will all depend on the size and depth of the scratch, similar to how a dent is priced.  Most scratches can be sanded and painted for about $150 to $500, but a deep scratch could be closer to $1,000 or more. says most shops won’t charge less than $150 to $200 for a simple scratch job.

A car door handle repair can cost about $40 to $100 for an OEM handle and close to another $50 to $95 for the professional labor.  This repair is often done to a handle that either doesn’t work anymore or in some circumstances, the handle snaps off.

A car door lock repair can cost anywhere from $50 to $250, and this will resolve any issues surrounding the lock.  This could include a broken rod, a broken switch or a faulty actuator.

Rust damage, often found underneath the car doors, can cost about $400 to $850 per door.  One member on, for instance, was quoted $1,200 for a rust repair job that would have painted both doors, the bumper, panels and hood.

What is going to be included?

To fix a car dent, the mechanic will use either convention method, where he or she will fill the dent, paint, and allow the area to dry, or the paintless dent removal method, which will use specialized tools to help sculpt the metal back into its original form.  As long as the technician is able to access the back of the dent through the panel, the job can be done without the worry of ruining the paint.

How can I save money?

Highly consider checking a junkyard before purchasing a brand new door as this can be a frugal option, especially if you have an older car.  Doing this can save you up to 70% or more.

Most of the time, auto insurance policies will cover all of the repairs mentioned above as long as proper documentation is provided.  Talk with your insurance company to see what may be covered.

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